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2017 DNK Presents Internship

Are you looking for an exciting, fun experience this summer? Read below for detailed information regarding an opening for our internship! Your summer could be your next BIG adventure!

Position Type:
Freelance/ Contract, Internship/Co-op,

Job Title:
Adventure Marketing Manager

Job Function:
Advertising, Database Management, Entertainment/Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Event Planning/ Promotions, Exercise Science/ Fitness, Graphic Design/ Creative Services, Health & Wellness/ […]

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“Live Adventurously” Receives Best Documentary Alhambra Film Festival

Danielle Wolter Nolan                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

DNK Presents



“Live Adventurously” Receives Best Documentary Alhambra Film Festival
Indiana-based outdoor adventure company, DNK Presents’ documentary film, “Live Adventurously” received the award for Best Documentary at the Alhambra Film Festival, Friday, April 8th in Evansville, Indiana. “Live Adventurously” won over “Guns and Guitars – A Musical Travelogue”, “Nobody Dies Here”, […]

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How Backpacking Changed My Life

By: Ali Solomon

Our everyday lives can be compared to a revolving door – we go round and round, propelled by emotions of glee and disappointment, our surroundings becoming a distorted blur as we go through our daily routine.  While we can sustain comfort in this kind of lifestyle, what happens when our revolving door […]

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Are You an Opportunist?

by: Lexi Hall
Opportunist: a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.

Not too often do we take the time to reflect on the boundless opportunities that nature surrounds us with each day. Everywhere we look nature is there to embrace, heal, and inspire us. We […]

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2017 Women’s Adventure Contest

Danielle Wolter Nolan                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

DNK Presents




DNK Presents 2nd Annual Women’s Adventure Contest


“Indiana-based” outdoor adventure company DNK Presents has opened the nominations for the 2nd annual, Women’s Adventure Contest and Documentary to take place in Indiana. The Indianapolis based outdoor adventure company will select four women to win a free, 4-day, custom adventure. DNK […]

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Indiana Film Premiere of “Live Adventurously”

Danielle Wolter Nolan                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

DNK Presents


Indiana Film Premiere of “Live Adventurously”
Indiana-based outdoor adventure company, DNK Presents’ announces the premiere of, “Live Adventurously”, a documentary film following the stories of four local Indiana women who won the inaugural women’s adventure contest hosted by DNK Presents in the spring of 2016. The film will make […]

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8 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Live in Colorado to be Adventurous

Adventure is out there.
This Midwest gal likes to get wild and dirty. I used to get a little ticked when people would ask, “you have an adventure company in Indiana, (literally laughing to themselves) what do you do, and where do you go?” Once someone actually told me, “to do anything adventurous in Indiana […]

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Sedona Mountain Bike Festival and Backpack and Yoga on the Havasupai Trail

March Adventure Madness in 2017!

March 3-5 

Certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructors (PMBIA) Danielle and Kate Nolan through the will be leading free guided rides and mini clinics at the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival for Trek Bicycle.

This is the first year Trek Bicycle will be offering free rides and mini clinics from at the Sedona Mountain […]

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Perseverance Through Your Life’s Crux

By: Lexi Hall

Perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. What does it mean to persevere to you? To me this word, like many other words, means something unique to each individual. There are countless outdoor activities that aid us in learning how to push forward and stay dedicated to […]

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5 Ways to Overcome Fear Through Adventure

Do your fears overcome you, or do you overcome your fears?
One of the reasons Kate and I started DNK Presents was because of our love of adventure, and we know there is a direct correlation with the challenges we have faced in the in outdoors and the success we have had in our professional careers.

Fear […]

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