Provide a healthy, innovative way for attendees to be engaged at your conference


Bring movement to your next conference by providing breakout sessions that are healthy, engaging, and innovative. DNK Presents leads walk and talk breakout sessions inside or outdoors at conferences and conventions. The walk and talk sessions include activities such as, but not limited to, mindfulness, work life balance, visualization, stepping outside your comfort zone, physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. We also lead guided meditations, or yoga before during or after conferences.


In a recent article by the Harvard Health Publication, Heidi Godman says, exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills, in other words we are able to retain more information if we are moving. Numerous research shows exercise increases mood, sleep, general health and wellness, and that walking meetings are becoming more popular because the best ideas happen outside of the boardroom. Businesses are finding that healthier employees are happier at work, with fewer absentee days, and more productivity business profits increase. Bring movement to your next conference.

Centric Day of Innovation October 2016

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The Next Innovation: A Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference April 13th 2017