A Woman’s Period Story from the Backcountry

A Woman’s Period Story from the Backcountry

Have your period with confidence on your next adventure and see what feminine hygiene products are best for you and your body.

It was my first real backpacking experience with my wonderful partner but not yet wife at the time Kate, we made plans to hike in Deam Wilderness, part of Hoosier National Forest in Central Indiana. The first night we drove down after work and car camped next to the trailhead so we could get an early start on the backcountry trail the next morning. We set up camp, had some veggie dogs over the fire and lay down under the star filled sky. Nestled in our tent we fell asleep easily.

The next morning we woke to the sounds of the birds chirping, gently waking us from a peaceful slumber in the forest. I quickly realized their was something else that was waking me up, I let out a sigh as I came to the realization that my period had decided it was real comfortable in the woods too– funny how it always seems so show up at those special moments in life! Luckily I had a stash of tampons in the car so I was prepared, until I wasn’t prepared. We started out on the hike and I ended up forgetting that tampon stash. Realizing this on our hike to the backcountry where there was no sign of any women’s hygiene products for miles and miles, what was I to do? Sit on a moss patch for the rest of the weekend?

That is when Kate said, “Why don’t you use the Diva Cup”?

Diva Cup? At first I thought she was referring to a Diana Ross megaphone. “What the hell is a Diva Cup?”

I was astonished at this product Kate was describing but had NEVER heard anything like it before, probably because women don’t talk about feminine hygiene products since it’s something still considered so taboo.

I ended up surviving my period in the woods and went home to our natural food store in town and bought my first Diva Cup and honestly my first few experiences were far from life-changing. We only have one bathroom in our Broad Ripple bungalow and Kate more than once had to run outside to pee in the backyard because I couldn’t get the damn thing out of my vagina. Feeling defeated I was leaning one foot on top of the toilet the other bending down trying to get a good angle; I had flashes of blood splattering across our white bathroom and shower curtain, or even worse, going to an urgent care and having a stranger digging the Cup out of me! Needless to say for me anyways there was definitely a learning curve. My advice; don’t be afraid to dig deep, the yogi squat position is your friend, and breathe. Also, there are different brands that are for different shapes because as we know ladies we are not all the same shape and size so please shop around when looking for your next moon cycle product. I’ve listed some more products below for you to check out.


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One of the things I love about Diva cups or any type of period cup is how much waste I am now eliminating. According to the Diva Cup website the average woman uses 300-420 tampons/pads per year and spends $100-$225 on these items. Plus many tampons and pads contain harmful ingredients such as surfactants, adhesives and more, if this is harmful to the environment then why the hell are we putting these things inside our bodies?! Not to mention toxic shock syndrome.

Another super benefit I love is that now that I use the Cup my cycle is shorter, yes ladies it’s real and it happens to many women who switch from tampons to a Cup. Why? When we are shoving a condensed cotton tube into our vagina how exactly is that allowing our period to “flow”? Easy answer, it’s not, it is stopping the flow and not allowing our cycle to naturally release. When you use cups or other similar products your period literally flows out of you. I went from a 6-7 day period to a 3-4 day and many of my friends have also experienced this! Can we say life change?!

Despite the disruption that can happen when Aunt Flow decides to show up remember ladies having your period means we are healthy women, so let’s make the most of this time. Check out the links I have below on some of my favorite non-tampon moon cycle products that are more environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe. Let us know what your favorites are!


Diva Cup – http://divacup.com/

Me Luna – https://meluna-usa.com/

Ruby Cup – http://rubycup.com/

*There are several more, these are a few that me or my friends have used!


Other products we love:

THINX – https://www.shethinx.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg4CugraG3QIVw8DACh0b0g4eEAAYASAAEgIPSPD_BwE

Go with the flow – https://animosa.co/go-with-your-flow-1/


What is your favorite period product? Why do you love it so much? Let us know so we can share with our outdoor women’s community!


Note: I am not an OBGYN nor do I play one on this blog. I am a wilderness guide, owner of an adventure company, DNK Presents, and avid outdoors-woman. I have tried a lot of period products in and outside the backcountry on many adventures near and far. I hope this article helps you whether you are taking your first outdoor adventure and have always wondered about what to do when your period comes or simply wanting to try and find other options for your feminine hygiene needs. #KeepBleeding #PeriodProducts

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6 reviews
  • Kristen Cooper
    5:06 pm - August 30, 2018. Reply

    Loved this! I’m rooting for menopause!

    • dnkpresentsadmin
      1:16 pm - September 14, 2018. Reply


  • Stacey Enneking
    9:58 am - September 1, 2018. Reply

    I LOVE using a diva cup instead of tampons! I was turned onto it by an amazing woman and friend who used hers while she spent a year living in the Amazon. It’s a total game-changer. Plus, maybe/probably this is gross, but the hippy scientist in me LOVES the better connection and understanding I have with my nether regions now that I can literally see my period. 🙂 I found it pretty easy to use from the start, but I do still pair it w/ a THINX on heavy days when I’m not sure when/where I’ll have access to a bathroom.
    Side note: I have read some articles though that so link menstrual cups w/ TSS. I think the take-home message being that we need to be sure to keep whatever we’re introducing to our lady bits clean (When using it, I wash my diva cup 1/day w/ a mild soap) and free of nasty bacteria that could take up residency.
    Thanks for the great article and sharing your experience!

    • dnkpresentsadmin
      1:16 pm - September 14, 2018. Reply

      Thanks so much Stacey! Definitely agree to make sure to use precautions on any type of product you use for feminine hygiene for risk of TSS. Hope to see you see!

  • Shannon Adams
    10:41 pm - November 27, 2018. Reply

    OMG, I love this story! I had heard of the diva cup while researching for my 2 month trek on the AT in 2016. I spent 2 years preparing for my big trip and several months before my adventure, I decided it was time to give it a try. I figured I should at the very least see how it well it works and get comfortable with the process. I fell in love with this thing! What a great feeling of freedom it gave me, not to mention how easy it was in the backcountry. I have used it ever since. I have also bought them for my daughter and niece. It’s not everyones favorite topic, but I share the diva cup with anyone who will listen.

    • dnkpresentsadmin
      3:13 pm - November 30, 2018. Reply


      Thanks so much, the Diva Cup really does rock! We speak with many Girl Scout troops and I always bring it up to those groups as well as our adult women’s trips. I know it’s something that doesn’t usually just “come up” so I make it a point to bring it up because I think it’s so important that women and girls know what’s available for us. I’m finding now that more of the kids know about the Diva Cup than the parents! #DivaCupforLife

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