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DNK Presents Transitions to Live Adventurously, a 501c3

Live Adventurously
Live Adventurously

A Letter from the Founders

Dear DNK Presents Adventurers!
Hello and Happy New Year! 2022 is here and we have big and exciting changes to share with you. As you may know in 2020, we formed a 501c3 called Live Adventurously to host our Women’s Adventure Giveaway and to offer outdoor programing for underserved communities. Working with our board over the past couple of years and advisors with DNK Presents we have decided we can provide and serve the most good by offering our services through Live Adventurously. The adventures once run through DNK Presents will now be organized and guided by the non-profit, Live Adventurously.
We’re doing this so that we can offer more accessibility to trips and events to those in most need of outdoor experiences. Moving forward we will adding scholarship opportunities throughout the year for trips, free events (like we’ve always done) and tiered pricing for certain events. We still will have trips for women only, but we’ll be opening up all-gendered trips and more youth programming. We’ll be partnering with other non-profits for the Giveaway event so that we can focus more on creating unique outdoor experiences for those who are most vulnerable.
What this means for you. You still get to do adventures with us! Our amazing guidesses and guides will still be with us. A portion or all of your trip cost will be tax deductible (please check with your tax advisor on tax deductions) and now you get the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of your trip fees are going to provide outdoor experiences to those who are less fortunate.
There will be some immediate changes, and some will take place over the next few months with the name change, trip offerings and content reflecting that Live Adventurously is now the host of the outdoor adventures and events. Be on the lookout for these changes reflected on our social channels and our website.
Last, but not least, we could not have gotten to where we are now with DNK Presents or Live Adventurously without you and your support. Thanks for adventuring, advocating, sharing, liking and loving what we do, we can’t wait for you to take this next big adventure with us.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. Until then, stay healthy and we hope to see you on the next adventure!
Danielle & Kate
Live Adventurously Tax ID: 82-4055538
Donate here!

Live Adventurously Board of Directors:

Angie Stocklin
Chapin Schnick
Shannon Cochrin
Danielle Wolter Nolan
Kate Nolan
*Interested in being on our board? Contact us for more information!

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Nature Connection

The Importance of Connecting with Nature

After more than a year of Covid protocols, it is no surprise to see that State and National Parks are overwhelmed with people who want to get outside, but they are maxed out! We are not sedentary creatures. The human body needs to take in and explore nature for our safety and wellbeing. Centuries of civilizations spent time and resources to ensure that their celebrations and festivals about and for nature have been handed down in history. We did not put all that effort into being outside for nothing. We need nature!

Photo by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash

The Science

Research shows that being outside decreases stress, anxiety and depression. 

It increases the ability to focus and retain information. 

It reverses elevated heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. 

Being outdoors also increases your absorption of vitamin D- an essential vitamin. 

There are so many other great reasons to be outdoors, too.


What are some great activities to get you outside? Walk with your children or pets around your neighborhood, or take a bike ride. Plant flowers or a garden, or go for a hike. Do yoga outside, or do some nature watching. Have a picnic! From there, the options are endless. And, the most important tools you need are you, water, and sunscreen. Equally important, you need bug spray!

Taking Care of Yourself

So, what does being in nature do for you? You to connect with nature- to see, hear and feel nature. You settle the mind; moreover, you focus on you and where you are in that  moment, and this allows you to settle the noises that clog your ears and hear birds and the breeze. By being in nature, you can better see how connected we all are and how much we affect everything in life. However, once you feel that rush of energy, you will be hooked, and that is great! Find your passion in nature, and make sure that it is there for future generations.

Share with Us!

Tell us how nature or the outdoors impacts your life and how do you plan to share your experience with the next generation. Also, share your thoughts in the comments below!

Visit our events page to learn about all our adventures coming up. Contact us if you’re interested in a private custom adventure. Visit the CDC website to learn more about how to stay safe and healthy during indoor and outdoor activities.

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4 Tips to Keep Adventuring as the Seasons Change

The weather is changing but it doesn’t mean you have to stop recreating, check out these tips to keep adventuring this fall and winter season.

Parks, campgrounds, and all types of outdoor recreation areas have seen an increase in attendance this summer and fall. Outdoor gear such as, bicycles, kayaks, canoes, camping/backpack fuel, even floaty tubes have had an all-time record high in sales, many of these items and more are out of stock until spring 2021. I’m glad to see so many new people embracing the great outdoors and trying something new. As the temperatures begin to drop, I wanted to make sure you had some tips to keep adventuring and to make your outdoor experience great – in all seasons. 

1. Invest in proper gear.

There’s nothing I see more than people who come on our trips or adventures and are already off on the wrong foot because they are uncomfortable! Make sure to obtain proper gear for the type of outdoor activity you are embarking on. For example, to keep your feet warm invest in a sock that has wool in it. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water or moisture so when your feet sweat, they will still keep you warm and dry or if your shoes happen to get wet you will stay warmer longer compared to cotton socks. We’ll be opening up our first in person location with gear for cycling in the next couple weeks, Brown County Bikes, and we just got in our wool cycling socks!

2. Consider taking a Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness Informational course.

With the increase of people exploring the great outdoors comes with an increase in search and rescues. This year DNK Presents was able to host 2 Wilderness First Aid Courses, we had limited number of students and followed CDC and SOLO Guidelines and both courses were greatly successful. If you are venturing out more or know others who have been this year due to COVID-19 you may want to learn more about Wilderness First Aid to keep yourself and others safer. Look for our next programs coming in early spring of 2021 or check out all available courses for SOLO on their website.

3. Follow the principles of Leave No Trace.

Kate and I were lucky to take a training course on Leave No Trace wilderness ethics. There are 7 principles of Leave No Trace, by following their guidelines we can keep the outdoors even better for generations to come

4. Go with a friend.

It’s best practice and safest to adventure with a buddy. If you do go out alone make sure to tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be done so they know to check in.   

Since the trails have been a little more crowded than usual due to COVID make sure to have a mask with you in case you can’t social distance. We love our new Buffs, we wear them around our necks which makes it super easy to “mask up” in case the trails get crowded.

Fall and winter are one of our favorite times to recreate. With these tips you will be able to stay more active in all seasons and we hope to see you out on the trails soon. Contact us for private group trips, skills clinics or other events this year as well.  

PS: One of our favorite marketing products we use are from Sticker Mule. We just found out about their free background editor​, an awesome way to turn your favorite adventure photos into custom stickers, buttons, magnets or more!

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Stay Safe on a DNK Presents Adventure During COVID-19

Keeping our participants and guides safe during COVID-19

Kate and I and our Guidess team are so excited to be leading adventures again. With new regulations and recommendations being updated regularly from the Center for Disease Control we wanted to share our COVID-19 requirements so you are aware of what precautions we are taking to keep you safe while providing a fun outdoor experience.

Keeping groups small

This is something we do with our trips anyway to reduce the impact on the environment, especially on overnight adventures. With COVID we are keeping our groups to 10 or less.

Staying 6 feet away from each other

Most of the time in the outdoors we are able to stay spaced out and recreating outside is still one of the safer activities you can do right now.

Providing masks if they are needed

If there’s a time we need to be close together, we have masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer easily accessible.

Separate sleeping areas

On overnight adventures we usually combine people in tents to reduce the impact on the land. We are providing tents or hammocks for each person who needs them so we can social distance.

Asking “COVID Questions”

More than likely you have been asked the “COVID Questions” by now. Before trips we will check in with everyone and ask, “Have you experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?” “Have you been around someone who has experienced COVID-19 in the past 14 days?” If answering yes to either question we will not allow guests to come on the trip.

I hope this answers some of your questions regarding COVID-19 and how we are keeping you safe. We are grateful that we are still able to get outdoors and enjoy nature during these times. Check out our trips on our website to learn more about what we have coming up.

If you are still in need to social distance please sign up for my Online Guide to Outdoor Wellness, it’s a great online program that provides yoga, breathing exercises, guided meditations, hiking activities and daily journaling prompts.

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Boost My Business Facebook Watch DNK Presents hosted by Tan France

Boost My Business

DNK Presents is part of an original Facebook Watch show, Boost My Business hosted by Tan France, co-star of Netflix’s Queer Eye.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be on a film set for 2 days and hang out with Tan France, co-star of Netflix’s Queer Eye; or meet and work closely with executives from multi-billion-dollar company, Facebook. It’s still mind blowing to me that DNK Presents, the adventure business Kate and I started back in 2014 is one of companies chosen to be part of an original Facebook Watch show, Boost My Business. The show is part of Facebook’s Summer of Support, 6 weeks of free trainings, tools and insights that begins June 24th. We started DNK Presents because we are passionate about getting people, especially women to step outside their comfort zones, try something new and in turn build confidence through outdoor experiences. I could have never guessed our small business would be part of something so incredibly big.

Tan France, Asher, Danielle and Kate Nolan DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business
Tan France DNK Presents DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business
Asher was more interested in Tan!

It’s hard to believe it was almost a year ago that Facebook reached out to me. They were pretty vague in their description but did tell me they were wanting to talk, AKA interview me, about being part of a new Facebook show and thought DNK Presents might be a good fit. I quickly gathered from the emails with several people copied and phone calls with folks from across the U.S. and overseas that this “show” might be a big deal. I tried not to get my hopes up because I knew nothing was for sure.

When I got word that DNK Presents was one of just 7 other small businesses from across the country selected for Facebook’s first original show called, Boost My Business, I was beyond thrilled. Facebook has been a huge part of the growth of DNK Presents. I come from a marketing background and took notice that over 80% of people who signed up for our trips found out about our business through Facebook. I knew I needed to spend more time and money learning, marketing and building our Facebook and Instagram presence.

We’ve been lucky to have several interactions with Facebook over the years

The first time Facebook contacted me was over 2 years ago, I was assigned an ad account manager and learned so much from working with him.  We built ads together, tracked them, tweaked them and built more. This by the way was all completely free, people often ask how I got this opportunity, and all I’ve heard from Facebook is that it’s a lottery system, I guess I got lucky.

Then I got to be part of a Boost Your Business event. Before COVID-19 Facebook went across the country to different cities and offered one or two-day conference-like events with sessions and workshops on how to grow your business using Facebook and Instagram, again these were all free, you just had to sign up. In October of 2018 I got to speak on a panel with 3 other small business owners in the Central Indiana area about how we use Facebook and Instagram to grow our businesses. For this opportunity again I was randomly contacted by Facebook.

Less than a year later a woman emailed me from a separate team at Facebook about the show. From there it was lots of phone calls and emails, each interaction Kate and I grew more enthusiastic about being part of this show, especially when we found out Tan France was going to be the host of Boost My Business! Tan was the perfect host because of his experience building 2 small businesses and then years later selling them himself and of course he’s an amazing co-host of Queer Eye. It was a dream to have Tan in our small town of Nashville, Indiana for 2 days shooting in the middle of winter. It was cold but we had perfect snow and even got Tan on a bike, you’ll have to watch to see this in action. Tan said he hadn’t been on a bike for 20 years! Seeing this alone is worth it, I promise, our episode is out Monday July 27th at 6pm EST, watch it live here. Kate and I learned a lot from his experiences starting and growing his businesses. It was especially awesome to learn from another LGBTQ person. I would definitely recommend checking out his book, Naturally Tan if you want all the details and learn more about Tan’s real life, it’s quite fascinating.

Tan France and Kate Nolan mountain biking DNK Presents
Kate Nolan and Tan France DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business

I would be remised if I didn’t mention the amazing team at Facebook that we have worked with now for almost a year on this project. They are absolutely incredible, these people really want to help us grow and be successful, they care and it shows. There’s been even more opportunities Facebook has offered to us since filming the show. We are currently part of a new product test at Facebook, which has also helped grow our reach and boost our business. I am also on a virtual panel that you’ll be able to see during Facebook’s Summer of Support. At one time I think I was emailing with 4 different teams on Facebook, I am so grateful for these opportunities to help us grow our business.  

Kate and I (and Asher) are so excited for this show to air and I still have a month until I even get to see it! Make sure to join us in our Facebook Watch party or watch the episode on Facebook Watch on Monday July 27th 6pm EST.

Thank you’s continued

A big shout out and thanks to our friends who came out and bundled up in the December cold to do a mock bike clinic for the filming at none other than our favorite spot in Brown County State park, Hesitation Point. Media Monks film crew for making us look good and also braving the cold (they were mostly from L.A.). My parents and friends who helped watch Asher for those few days we were filming, we are so grateful to you and we love you so much! Thank you, Hard Truth Hills for allowing us to film for 2 days at your amazing facility, and keeping us all well fed. Our friends and board members at the Brown County Visitor’s Center, thank you for making this extra special for us and always showing your support.

DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business
DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business

Check out all the episodes on Facebook Watch here!

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The Moment of Awe

Reflect on the experiences of awe in your life and join me in a guided awe meditation.

I was taking my son for our regular walk last week in the yard. We are lucky to have a mix of open space, woods and a pond we share with the neighbors. Our usual half-way point is on the other side of the water, that’s where I take a moment to stop, take in a few deep, slow breaths, and reflect on the surrounding beauty. It’s here when I get my moment of awe, the feeling of wonder, amazement, and admiration. I don’t have too long before my son wants me to keep moving again but even though these moments of awe are short they fill up over time, day after day, week after week.

The first time I heard about an awe moment was several months ago listening to an episode from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast, one of the questions Oprah asked her guest at the end was, “when was the last time you had an awe moment”. I thought about the last time I felt a feeling of awe, it happened to be that morning, but I wanted to make sure to incorporate moments of awe in my daily life. Since having a baby my meditation practice has taken on new forms, which has been a blessing in disguise. I am now able to find meditation, mindfulness and moments of awe in ways I never thought before and was able to use some of these new methods in our latest Online Outdoor Wellness program.

Awe doesn’t have to be trekking to the top of a 14,000 ft. peak to see the sunrise over a snow-capped mountain range or being in the room when a new baby is born into the world. It can be each and every day, usually for me my awe moments are in nature; a blue heron swooping down from the sky diving towards the water, the sound of the breeze rustling through the trees in the forest, watching the bees pollinate from flower to flower in our yard. Our 14-month old son gives me awe moments and of course a lot aw moments too! An awe moment is another form of mindfulness, meditation and gratitude. It allows me to pause, look, listen and be fully present in an experience where I am consciously aware of the now.  

Join me in a guided meditation exercise to experience and reflect on a moment of awe. Watch or close your eyes and listen to the practice below.

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Ways to Stay Adventurous and Healthy During COVID-19

Join us in a Daily DNK adventure, share on social for your chance to win!

As we go through these unprecedented times, things are changing daily even hourly. We have taken on a new routine with having our son at home full time with us, DNK Presents planned trips on hold, we are still figuring out our “new normal” and how we can remain healthy during these times. I’ve listed some things that you and your family can do right now.

  1. Hiking/Running/Walking – Some parks are still open, the weather is getting warmer and it’s a great time to get outside. Check to make sure the trails and parks are open in your area before venturing out, with the Hiking Project (app) you can find trails in your area.
  2. Camping – Have your spring break trips been cancelled? You can still have fun in the outdoors and it’s something you can do with the whole family. Springtime means less bugs, cooler temperatures and sometimes fewer crowds. If going to a campground isn’t an option for you try camping in your own backyard or even in your living room. We could all use something else fun to do inside with the kids, am I right?!
  3. Biking – Road, gravel, trail – Choose a trail close to home and one you have been on before.
  4. Tree or spring flower identification – Have fun doing something fun and different in the outdoors with your family.
  5. Plant a garden – You can order seeds online and have fresh fruit and home-grown vegetables this summer and fall.

Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments! Starting today join us in sharing your #dailyDNKadventure by posting a photo or video of what you are doing to stay adventurous and healthy during this time. Make sure to use the hashtag #dailyDNKAdventure and tag DNK Presents on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be considered to win some prizes like one of our new Buffs (neckware) and some sweet DNK Presents stickers. We will be picking our favorite photos and videos and will be selecting winners randomly!

One our Sedona trip participant’s daughters, Hensley rocking the DNK Presents Buff!

Remember when going outdoors during this time make sure to go to an area close to home, it’s best not to try a completely new trail in a new park, always tell someone where you are going if you are going alone, do not go out if you are feeling sick, stay a safe distance away from people if you see others out on the trails, avoid any unnecessary risk and have fun out there!

Mountain Biker Tips

P.S. Here is a note from Kate and specifically for all the mountain bikers.

– Ride only if you don’t have symptoms

– Ride only with members of your household

– Keep a distance of 6 feet between other riders and while greeting or passing others on the trail

– Ride close to home to avoid spreading the virus

– Ride safely, don’t try any new jumps or drops – avoid any hospital trips

– Wash your hands when you come back home 

Stay stoked, be safe and remain healthy!  

We could all use a good laugh right now, if you haven’t seen our latest video on Leave No Trace, check it out here!

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Women's Adventure Giveaway DNK Presents

5th Annual Women’s Adventure Giveaway Nominations Open

Do you know a woman who is deserving of an empowering wilderness adventure?

Outdoor adventure company DNK Presents has opened nominations for the 5th annual, Women’s Adventure Giveaway hosted at Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Getaway in Ellijay, GA.  Four women will win a free, 4-day, custom backcountry empowering adventure. Owners, Danielle and Kate Nolan will guide the trip, taking place the weekend of May 14-17, 2020.

The four selected winners will disconnect from technology, experience a variety of unique activities, build confidence and empower themselves through the great outdoors. Each winner also receives a prize package of exclusive outdoor gear from national and local sponsors. In addition, a select team of inspiring, leading women will join the adventure trip as special guest activity facilitators.

 “We are so excited to be hosting the Women’s Adventure Giveaway at Mulberry Gap this year. I attended the event last year as a special guest and had the opportunity to witness first-hand the amazing experiences Danielle & Kate provide for these amazing women. To have the opportunity to be the basecamp for their adventures and lasting memories for years to come is a true honor” Kate Gates, Co-Owner Mulberry Gap.  

DNK Presents is actively seeking nominations now through February 28, 2020. Nomination submission details and information about the Women’s Adventure Giveaway are available on the DNK Presents website.

If you are interested in sponsoring or involvement with the Women’s Adventure Giveaway contact for details.


DNK Presents organizes and guides empowering adventure experiences for individuals, groups and businesses. They focus on getting people to step outside their comfort zones, try something for the first time and in turn gain confidence through experiential learning.

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Breathing exercise

Three Daily Breathing Exercises in Under 3 Minutes

Conscious breathing might be the key to finding relaxation

We take approximately 20,040 breaths in a day, that’s roughly 960 breaths per hour, approximately 16 breaths every 60 seconds, and one breath taking almost 4 full seconds. How many times a day do you truly listen to your breath? Most of us don’t unless we’re taking a yoga class where an instructor is telling us to focus on our breathing. We also might if we’re doing a vigorous exercise that’s causing us to get short of breath. More people I see today that are looking to find relaxation through nature, with yoga, Reiki or Thai massage are telling me they are holding their breath certain times of the day for no reason, their breathing is all in their chest, and it’s hard to take a deep full breath from their diaphragm and lengthen the inhales and exhales.

Photo by Le Minh Phuong on Unsplash

When an animal in the wild breathes in its chest it means it’s in danger, the heart rate rises, blood flow increases causing the body temperature to rise, senses are heightened, etc. Over time if an animal had this kind of reaction every day without being in danger, stress and anxiety becomes apparent. As humans when we have short breaths in our chest it’s telling us something is wrong, and if we have that happen over and over again anxiety can become more present in the body. The good thing is we can change the way we breathe, but like anything else it takes conscious effort, practice and patience.

Below are 3 daily breathing exercises all in under 3 minutes you can try to aid in relaxation and increase your health and wellness. 

Morning: With your eyes closed count 4 seconds on each inhale and exhale, after a weekly practice lengthen the exhale by one second.

Throughout the Day: At least 3 times bring your awareness to your breath, it could be every 2 hours or at random — set a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget. Try different times with your eyes closed and other times while doing your normal daily activities. You can focus on your breath while driving your car, sending an email, during a meeting, and many other times. You might find it hard at first to focus on your breath while doing another task but the more you do it the easier it gets.

Evening: Before going to sleep count the inhales and exhales you take in one minute.

When you are focused on your breathing make sure you are not holding your jaw, relax the facial muscles. If the face muscles are tightened, you cannot relax the rest of the body. Slightly open your mouth to make sure your jaw is released. Take your inhales through your nose, add some exhales out the mouth and include a “sigh” for even more relief.

Finally, record your findings. Take notes on how you feel before and after your breathing exercise. After 30 days note your physical, mental and emotional feelings. Over time you should see that your breathing will increase in length, in many cases people find more relaxation, lower anxiousness and a higher consciousness in their daily life. You could also see an improvement in sleep patterns, your mood, productivity and so many other benefits! In more advanced breathing exercises people noted building abdominal muscles. Could you image getting “abs” by better breathing?

With the holidays approaching try these breathing techniques to relieve stress and anxiety and remain calmer and more centered. Share with our community which breathing exercises you enjoyed the most! We hope to meet you in person, check out what adventures we have coming up!

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First Year in the County!

Kate and I are officially country gals

A year ago Kate and I set off on a big new adventure. We packed up our belongings, gave away and threw away a bunch of items in the process and moved from our cute little city “town” of Broad Ripple in the heart of Indianapolis, to Brown County, Indiana. One of my biggest fears was not being able to get my groceries delivered, turns out where we live we can’t even get a pizza delivered! We actually really enjoy it though, Kate and I cook much more at home now baby Asher starting to “eat” with us now too!

I will admit, we have discovered Home Chef and that has really come in handy! We got some meals as a gift when Asher came – great gift by the way! We’ve continued ordering from them and it’s been really nice having a few meals a week that we know we already have all the ingredients for, it’s healthy and delicious!

Bean night

Since we’ve been down here Kate has started her weekly Trek Tribe Bicycle ride in Brown County State Park. Look for an update on the time and date for the winter season! Kate also started the first Brown County youth mountain bike team through NICA – National Interscholastic Cycling Association and it was super fun! I was able to make a few of the practices with Asher and we had a blast. I am looking forward to being more involved next year and for the kids to get to race other teams across the state as well. Check out the video below from the last practice – Kate let the group jump her! This was definitely one of the highlights of the season!

Brown County Eagles NICA Team

Kate and I started doing events at Hard Truth Hills, which has been super fun! Kate led a series of co-ed mini Busted Knuckle mountain bike clinics and I am still teaching monthly yoga sessions. We’ve had great weather all summer and are looking forward to continuing to practice this fall and winter inside the distillery!

Kate and I joined the Halloween Town Committee part of the Brown County Visitor’s Bureau Board and are looking forward to the inaugural Halloween Town event next Saturday October 26th in Nashville, come join us for a haunted bike ride in the parade!

That brings us to today, currently we are continuing to improve, grow and work on going into the 5th season of hosting the Women’s Adventure Giveaway. This program is so near and dear to our hearts, we are so fortunate and grateful we get to offer this amazing experience to very lucky and deserving women each year. We are in the process of working with a production company to produce a documentary series to follow the winners of the 2020 Giveaway and stream their stories worldwide next year. We feel it’s important to keep documenting the experience to inspire people all over the world to live a life filled with adventure and ask the question, “when was the last time you did something for the first time?” If you or a company you know would be interested in partnering or learning more about the Women’s Adventure Giveaway please let me know!

Women’s Adventure Giveaway

Looking back at everything Kate and I have done this year and not just in Brown County but we’ve also traveled with DNK Presents to North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and we’re getting ready to head to Virginia. We have really learned and grown a lot but our biggest accomplishment of the year would definitely be growing our family and raising our beautiful baby boy Asher! He brings an immense amount of much joy, love and light to us each and every day, we are so blessed to have him and we hope you get to meet him sometime soon.

Having fun on the Salt Creek Trail

Have you visited us in Brown County yet? Please let us know when you’re coming to town, we’d love to meet up with you on the trail, over a beer or share with you our favorite places to check out! Now that we’re country folk now I can officially say, Happy Fall Ya’ll and Happy Trails!

Campside Sessions Brown County

P.S. Did you know you can stream our award winning film, “Live Adventurously” on You Tube and Vimeo now? Check it out!

We were on Indy Style WISH TV Channel 8
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