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Nature Connection

The Importance of Connecting with Nature

After more than a year of Covid protocols, it is no surprise to see that State and National Parks are overwhelmed with people who want to get outside, but they are maxed out! We are not sedentary creatures. The human body needs to take in and explore nature for our safety and wellbeing. Centuries of civilizations spent time and resources to ensure that their celebrations and festivals about and for nature have been handed down in history. We did not put all that effort into being outside for nothing. We need nature!

Photo by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash

The Science

Research shows that being outside decreases stress, anxiety and depression. 

It increases the ability to focus and retain information. 

It reverses elevated heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. 

Being outdoors also increases your absorption of vitamin D- an essential vitamin. 

There are so many other great reasons to be outdoors, too.


What are some great activities to get you outside? Walk with your children or pets around your neighborhood, or take a bike ride. Plant flowers or a garden, or go for a hike. Do yoga outside, or do some nature watching. Have a picnic! From there, the options are endless. And, the most important tools you need are you, water, and sunscreen. Equally important, you need bug spray!

Taking Care of Yourself

So, what does being in nature do for you? You to connect with nature- to see, hear and feel nature. You settle the mind; moreover, you focus on you and where you are in that  moment, and this allows you to settle the noises that clog your ears and hear birds and the breeze. By being in nature, you can better see how connected we all are and how much we affect everything in life. However, once you feel that rush of energy, you will be hooked, and that is great! Find your passion in nature, and make sure that it is there for future generations.

Share with Us!

Tell us how nature or the outdoors impacts your life and how do you plan to share your experience with the next generation. Also, share your thoughts in the comments below!

Visit our events page to learn about all our adventures coming up. Contact us if you’re interested in a private custom adventure. Visit the CDC website to learn more about how to stay safe and healthy during indoor and outdoor activities.

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4 Tips to Keep Adventuring as the Seasons Change

The weather is changing but it doesn’t mean you have to stop recreating, check out these tips to keep adventuring this fall and winter season.

Parks, campgrounds, and all types of outdoor recreation areas have seen an increase in attendance this summer and fall. Outdoor gear such as, bicycles, kayaks, canoes, camping/backpack fuel, even floaty tubes have had an all-time record high in sales, many of these items and more are out of stock until spring 2021. I’m glad to see so many new people embracing the great outdoors and trying something new. As the temperatures begin to drop, I wanted to make sure you had some tips to keep adventuring and to make your outdoor experience great – in all seasons. 

1. Invest in proper gear.

There’s nothing I see more than people who come on our trips or adventures and are already off on the wrong foot because they are uncomfortable! Make sure to obtain proper gear for the type of outdoor activity you are embarking on. For example, to keep your feet warm invest in a sock that has wool in it. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water or moisture so when your feet sweat, they will still keep you warm and dry or if your shoes happen to get wet you will stay warmer longer compared to cotton socks. We’ll be opening up our first in person location with gear for cycling in the next couple weeks, Brown County Bikes, and we just got in our wool cycling socks!

2. Consider taking a Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness Informational course.

With the increase of people exploring the great outdoors comes with an increase in search and rescues. This year DNK Presents was able to host 2 Wilderness First Aid Courses, we had limited number of students and followed CDC and SOLO Guidelines and both courses were greatly successful. If you are venturing out more or know others who have been this year due to COVID-19 you may want to learn more about Wilderness First Aid to keep yourself and others safer. Look for our next programs coming in early spring of 2021 or check out all available courses for SOLO on their website.

3. Follow the principles of Leave No Trace.

Kate and I were lucky to take a training course on Leave No Trace wilderness ethics. There are 7 principles of Leave No Trace, by following their guidelines we can keep the outdoors even better for generations to come

4. Go with a friend.

It’s best practice and safest to adventure with a buddy. If you do go out alone make sure to tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be done so they know to check in.   

Since the trails have been a little more crowded than usual due to COVID make sure to have a mask with you in case you can’t social distance. We love our new Buffs, we wear them around our necks which makes it super easy to “mask up” in case the trails get crowded.

Fall and winter are one of our favorite times to recreate. With these tips you will be able to stay more active in all seasons and we hope to see you out on the trails soon. Contact us for private group trips, skills clinics or other events this year as well.  

PS: One of our favorite marketing products we use are from Sticker Mule. We just found out about their free background editor​, an awesome way to turn your favorite adventure photos into custom stickers, buttons, magnets or more!

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Ways to Stay Adventurous and Healthy During COVID-19

Join us in a Daily DNK adventure, share on social for your chance to win!

As we go through these unprecedented times, things are changing daily even hourly. We have taken on a new routine with having our son at home full time with us, DNK Presents planned trips on hold, we are still figuring out our “new normal” and how we can remain healthy during these times. I’ve listed some things that you and your family can do right now.

  1. Hiking/Running/Walking – Some parks are still open, the weather is getting warmer and it’s a great time to get outside. Check to make sure the trails and parks are open in your area before venturing out, with the Hiking Project (app) you can find trails in your area.
  2. Camping – Have your spring break trips been cancelled? You can still have fun in the outdoors and it’s something you can do with the whole family. Springtime means less bugs, cooler temperatures and sometimes fewer crowds. If going to a campground isn’t an option for you try camping in your own backyard or even in your living room. We could all use something else fun to do inside with the kids, am I right?!
  3. Biking – Road, gravel, trail – Choose a trail close to home and one you have been on before.
  4. Tree or spring flower identification – Have fun doing something fun and different in the outdoors with your family.
  5. Plant a garden – You can order seeds online and have fresh fruit and home-grown vegetables this summer and fall.

Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments! Starting today join us in sharing your #dailyDNKadventure by posting a photo or video of what you are doing to stay adventurous and healthy during this time. Make sure to use the hashtag #dailyDNKAdventure and tag DNK Presents on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be considered to win some prizes like one of our new Buffs (neckware) and some sweet DNK Presents stickers. We will be picking our favorite photos and videos and will be selecting winners randomly!

One our Sedona trip participant’s daughters, Hensley rocking the DNK Presents Buff!

Remember when going outdoors during this time make sure to go to an area close to home, it’s best not to try a completely new trail in a new park, always tell someone where you are going if you are going alone, do not go out if you are feeling sick, stay a safe distance away from people if you see others out on the trails, avoid any unnecessary risk and have fun out there!

Mountain Biker Tips

P.S. Here is a note from Kate and specifically for all the mountain bikers.

– Ride only if you don’t have symptoms

– Ride only with members of your household

– Keep a distance of 6 feet between other riders and while greeting or passing others on the trail

– Ride close to home to avoid spreading the virus

– Ride safely, don’t try any new jumps or drops – avoid any hospital trips

– Wash your hands when you come back home 

Stay stoked, be safe and remain healthy!  

We could all use a good laugh right now, if you haven’t seen our latest video on Leave No Trace, check it out here!

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