Finding Our Oxygen Again

Finding Our Oxygen Again

When did blue thumbs, 6-second videos, and 140-character limits equate the amount of purpose in our step? When did they begin to define us, to shape us, to be us?

When did sharing pictures of our meals, and virtually every moment between become the reason we breathe? But even more than that…

When did it become our oxygen?

Don’t be embarrassed. For the most part, we’re all guilty of it. I mean it would be selfish of us to keep this beauty to ourselves. Right? What about our friends, family, our future selves, but most importantly, our Facebook feeds? But that’s just the thing.

So many of us nowadays get so wrapped up in our phones and in sharing moments with friends, that we end up looking at the world through the pixels of our screens instead of through our own thoughts.

The world of outdoor adventure-ing can force you to take a step back and check yourself. Here are a few benefits to looking up and taking in the outdoors.

  1. Exercise:

Things are a lot easier nowadays. Need to cash a check in? Snap a pic on your bank’s app. No need to go and drive over to the bank anymore. That’s why in today’s world, it is more important than ever that we get out and force ourselves to get active. Outdoor activities are a great way to get your exercise in while having the time of your life. There are so many forms. From backpacking to mountain biking, to rock climbing and kayaking, the outdoors offer so much adventure. It is really up to you and what interests you most.

  1. Social Benefits:

Learning to engage with other human beings in the real world is something we have lost touch with. Participating in outdoor adventures with others allows for a more intimate platform to get to know each other through. The teamwork that is often required in adventuring allows for a deeper understanding of the people that surround us. Working through challenges together can often bring people closer together. Scavenging through profiles may not be quite as satisfying anymore.

  1. Rejuvenate:

The outdoors are beautiful in the peace that they bring. Take a moment to listen to the birds and to hear the creek rush by. Hear the crickets and get the rare chance to look into the sky and see all the stars that city lights hide from us. The added benefits of exercise won’t hurt either. This is a moment to separate yourself from the constant buzzing of technology and go go go pace of what may have become your world.


Escape cannot be found in nature for it is only in our return to it that we may truly be.

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By: Eden Ashebir

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