Give Thanks to a Woman in your Life!

Give Thanks to a Woman in your Life!

Give thanks to a woman in your life!
Nominate her for our Women’s Adventure Contest
Do you know a woman who needs adventure? Maybe she’s overworked, a single parent, has overcome an obstacle, or wants to be adventurous but hasn’t had the chance; say thank you by nominating her for DNK Present’s Women’s Adventure Contest! Four women will win a free adventure led by DNK Presents May 12-15 in Indiana. Over this long weekend they will disconnect from technology, engage in adventure challenges, and reconnect with themselves and other inspiring local women. What are you waiting for, learn more here!  
Click here to support our Women’s Adventure Contest and get a T Shirt or a sweatshirt this holiday season!
Give the gift of adventure this year, click the photo below to learn more!

Health and Wellness Initiatives at your Office 

Is your office wanting to participate in a training program for a biking, running or other event? Why not have DNK Presents get your group prepared for the sporting event. Having a group or partner to train with means you are 63% more likely to be accountable and achieve your goal. According to Wayne Anderson, MD cofounder and medical director of Take Shape Life, the single most important factor in creating long term health and fitness success is having a support system.


Dolphin Tank Pitch Update

Did you make it to the Dolphin Tank® at the Indiana Conference for Women? It was such an amazing experience, we recorded our live pitch from the event. Check it out and spread the word about DNK Presents and our Women’s Adventure Contest!



“I am grateful for what I am and have. My Thanksgiving is perpetual.” 
-Henry David Thoreau

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