Millennials & The Workplace

Millennials & The Workplace

There is a new wave of employees entering the workforce: millennials. Soon enough, according to Forbes, millennials will make up the biggest chunk of the workforce in America. In order to keep up with the fast pace world we live in, it is important that employers create a work environment that is inviting to millennials. Millennials have grown up surrounded by bright screens, “breaking news”, and all the information in the world, at their fingertips. But what kind of environment is this generation generally interested in in the workplace?

According to Forbes, Jamie Gutfreund, the chief strategy officer for the Intelligence Group, states that these are some of the preferences millennials have when looking for a place to work.

  • 88% want an environment that integrates work and life into one comfortable blend. Keep in mind that this is different from a balance between work and life.
  • 88% also want a work-culture that is more collaborative in nature than it is competitive.
  • 72% may want to be their own bosses, but 79% acknowledge that in the meantime, they’d prefer that their bosses be more like mentors to them rather than what much too often is the behavior expected from a boss.

In other words, millennials are looking for a cohesive, nurturing, learning environment in their jobs. Open to different experiences and more personable workplaces, this could only mean great things for your future workplace. A team that gets along will produce the best results. If you think about it, there is really no sense in having to dread the people and place you work for and with. Making changes to your workplace practices will bring in not just millennials, but the best of the best.

Now you’re probably wondering how you can achieve this. It’s simple really. Take the work place out of…. the work place. Even if it is something like grabbing lunch together or catching a local concert, even if it can’t happen on a weekly or monthly basis, it all counts. Just one time could leave people in your workplace feeling more comfortable and at ease with one another having now seen that your all humans with lives outside of work as well.

Here at DNK Presents, it is our belief that one of the most rewarding and amazing things you can do as a workplace is hit the outdoors. As we talked about in an earlier blog post, Finding Our Oxygen Again, there are many benefits of the outdoors including its health benefits, social benefits, as well as its elements of rejuvenation. These all aid in garnishing a stronger workplace environment. On top of that, it has been well documented that being outdoors, even if doing something as simple as walking, can increase mental health. This can lead to an increase in attention and productivity as well as with the overall well being of a person. You can read more about this from The New York Times.

So what do we recommend? Well, there’s nothing like getting down and dirty and exposing yourself to some of your greatest fears. Why not try out something as simple and relaxing as a paddle trip or a light hike in your local park. Looking for something a bit more challenging? Good! The more challenging, the more you as a group will be able to come together. Try something like a weekend backpacking trip or a white water rafting adventure. Why not leave the state all together and check out a national park? Whatever it may be, it will prove to be a true bonding experience that you’ll be sure to never forget.

In order to stay relevant as a work place and to enjoy the time you spend working, it can’t hurt to try something new, as a team. Even though there may be some people in your workplace that you don’t directly work with, they are still a part of that team and are still working towards the same goal as you. It can’t hurt to know who you’re sharing workspace with and to get out and stretch yourself while you’re at it.

Luckily, we at DNK Presents specialize in corporate adventures as well as personal ones. Check out the rest of our website for more information and to get your workplace up and on its feet! Unplug for just a second and connect with those around you. In the long run, it will pay off in a way that you can actually see. But in the mean time? Enjoy the people you are surrounded by everyday.

Eden Ashebir
Adventure Marketing Intern

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