Nominations are now hosted on our Non-Profit’s Website, “Live Adventurously”, nominate here!

Requirements for nominees:

-Must be able to carry at least 35 pounds on their back

-Can ride a bicycle (basic)

-Be willing to give up their phone/technology for 4 days

-Opening to living in the woods for 4 days with little to no modern amenities

-Have an adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things

-Open to video and photos taken before and during the adventure trip for documentation and use in marketing and promotional materials of the Giveaway

-Available for the adventure weekend Sept. 23-26th and a few other dates beforehand (will be sent out in advance)

-Must provide transportation for themselves for the adventure weekend in the Brown County, Indiana area (exact location will be announced to winners)

Have someone in mind? Share her story with us for her chance to win a life changing wild adventurous weekend with DNK Presents!

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