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Intro to Backpacking Workshop

Come one come all to learn some basics to backpacking in this free workshop taking place at our favorite local outfitter Rusted Moon in Broad Ripple. In this free workshop we (Danielle and Kate) and our other adventure guides will go over what we carry on a typical backpacking trip. We’ll bring in our own backpacks and show you exactly what’s inside ours, go over our favorite brands, must haves for us, and how we pack our equipment and keep our gear long lasting. In this session we will particularly focus on our gear for our Women’s Backpacking Adventure in The Big South Fork taking place Nov. 9-11. The Big South Fork has breathtaking rock features that are unlike most places in the world. We will explore the rugged trails, see the famous Twin Arches, hike to Slave Falls and camp alongside beautiful creek beds. We hope you’ll join us to learn more about backpacking and why we love it SO much!

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Women's Adventure DNK Presents

Family Intro to Backpacking

Calling all mothers! Have you always wanted to take your child or children on a camping trip? Have you taken camping trips before with your family but are looking to try and see what backpacking is all about? We have the perfect trip for you.

Join us for an overnight adventure in beautiful Shades State Park. We will hike along the backpacking trail a moderate 2.5 miles, to the backcountry area, set up camp, learn how to filter water, cook in the backcountry, hang food, learn the principles of Leave No Trace and so much more! After the weekend you will feel confident to take your children out on your own and be successful in the wilderness. Our professional DNK Presents’ certified guides Candice Baggett and Katy Williams are so excited to lead this first family oriented trip with you.

Please read on to answer some questions that you might have for this trip!

Gear: DNK Presents provides gear (included in cost) for adults. We do not supply backpacking gear for children. The gear we provide such as the cookware, and tent can be shared with your child. Your child would need their own backpack for carrying water, snacks, child’s sized sleeping bag, sleeping pad if they have one.

Cost: Includes one adult and one child, if you have more than one child you want to bring there is an additional $25.00 charge. Also includes backcountry meals for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. You will need to have breakfast before you arrive and pack you and your child’s lunch to have along the trail on Saturday.

Not included in cost:  Fee to get into the state park, $7 for in state and $9 for out of state.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies, all food provided is vegetarian!


Gear list and recommended clothing:

Tent or hammock (we can also provide)

Flashlight/headlamp and extra batteries

Snacks/Extra food

Extra Clothes, bring and wear layers (dry fit, wool or technical – cotton is NOT recommended because once it gets wet it stays wet)

Bring rain gear – rain jacket or poncho, rain pants or water resistant pants

2 filled water bottles (Nalgene size 32 oz. at least or 64 oz. total)


Insect Repellent


Gators (for shoes – optional)

Trekking poles (optional)

Sunburn Preventative

Hand Sanitizer

Plastic or zip lock baggies for storage of small items

Bathroom “Kit” – zip lock bag, wipes, hand sanitizer (there are no bathrooms in the backcountry)

Baby wipes or face wipes

Large Zip lock bags or plastic bags for carrying trash (you will carry your own trash throughout the weekend)

Camp shoes (cheap pair of flip flops to wear when we get to the camp site area)

Hiking boots (recommended) or trail shoes can also work

Extra socks

Band-Aids’, other First Aide items you may need (DNK has First Aid Kit)

Personal items

Bring any and all medications that you need or may need during this adventure

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Women's Backpacking DNK Presents

An Outdoor Weekend Adventure to Remember

By: Kati L Taylor


In mid-August, a fun and diverse group went on the DNK Presents Wild Women’s Backpacking Overnight Adventure here in the beautiful Midwest. Several of the women had never been backpacking before. While some had been camping or “glamping”, most had not done an overnight trip for a while and it was a new experience for them to carry everything needed on their backs. Perhaps by the end of the trip some were questioning what they really need versus what provides comfort.

This weekend overnight trip gave women an opportunity to hike in the backcountry of both the beautiful Morgan-Monroe State Forest and Yellowwood Forest. The trip was structured and guided by some experienced women backpackers who want to share their love of nature with others. Meals, water filtration, and gear were provided, plus there was the security of knowing that the guides are trained to keep the group safe.

Being a women-only adventure makes these trips special.

Spending time outside, immersed in nature experiencing new things, brings out a different side to thoughts and how women connect with each other. Moreover, when you get a group of women together in the woods overnight, mentalities change, and conversation can be powerful and get intense!

There were two mother-daughter adventurers who got some quality time together. Two of the ladies were connected through a third friend but did not know each other. All three were young mothers. Another bold woman joined the trip solo, not knowing anyone prior to the trip. Regardless of their initial relationship, everyone worked together and became closer over the 24-hour adventure.

Wilderness trips prove to be great bonding opportunities, not only with each other, but ‘getting back to nature’ makes you more aware of yourself. After an energetic hike, several of the women realized an exceptional peacefulness in meditating by Bear Lake which set a more subdued mood for the hike back to the campsite.

No phone, but not alone.

Being in the backcountry means your phone basically does not work. With no reception a phone becomes only useful for the camera function and obviously there is nowhere to charge it. In fact, as the photo/video documentarian on this adventure, I may have been the only backpacker who intentionally left my phone back in the car.

While it’s comical now, at the time, everyone was concerned when the trip guide lost her phone. She was sure it had fallen out of her pocket at night near our campsite while gathering firewood. So the women teamed up to search through the darkness and find it. A persistent gal on the trip politely asked if she could search through the guide’s tent and backpack. Lo and behold, the phone was in her backpack the whole time. What a relief when it was found?!

This trivial happening, while it turned out well, was a great reminder that we need to disconnect. Having a great group of thoughtful, caring women on your team makes connecting easy even without a signal!

Leave no toothpaste… I mean leave no trace!

While trying to hang food in the tree overnight to avoid and racoons or other critters invading it, one of the ladies decided to use her toothpaste as a weight to get the rope over a tree limb. Long story short, it got stuck in the tree. With the intent of always leaving no trace on the trail, the group of women teamed up to get the toothpaste out of the tree. What an adventure it was! For more on this funny happening and to see what the women had to say about the trip overall, watch the video summary of the weekend’s adventures.

Mind the gap.

At the moment when this backpacking adventure had ended and the women were crossing the bridge to get back to their vehicles, a group from the Indiana Forrest Alliance was hiking in. These passionate folks were handing out brochures to raise support and awareness around an important issue in these exact forests where these women had just experienced so much.

Our state has plans to sell logging rights in this area where nearly 300 acres could be affected and thousands of trees could be logged if the deal goes through. This affects everyone and while the terms of the agreement may be vague, preserving our Indiana natural resources is for a greater good.

It’s important to preserve Indiana’s beautiful forests for the health of our planet, the wildlife that lives there, and for ourselves–let everyone forever enjoy the natural beauty! Please consider contacting Governor Holcomb and urge our state to stop logging the forests.


For those who have never been backpacking, or want to experience it again, consider a trip. Indiana has some beautiful outdoor spaces and amazing trails to experience. Disconnect, decompress, experience something new, and enjoy the natural beauty around you.

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June 21st Paddle Adventure on the White River!

“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” Dr. SeussDr. Seuss

Join us this Sunday, June 21st from 4:00-6:30pm on the White River in Indianapolis for a leisurely paddle trip! We will meet at the Broad Ripple Art’s Center to launch our boats for an awesome time!

Click here to reserve your spot!

DNK Presents… your next PARTY adventure!

Do you have a birthday, bachelorette party or other special event you want to plan with you and your friends? Let DNK Presents provide you with an adventure to relax, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors.

Danielle and Kate are certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR, Lead Climbing, and have years of experience, mountain biking, hiking, caving, camping and taking trips in the backcountry across the U.S. Their next private adventure is in Costa Rica, stay turned for updates on the website.

See the link to our latest Newsletter here.

Wilderness First Aid

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Beginner Backpack Weekend Adventure!

Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to take out a great group of people to Morgan Monroe State Forest for our first adventure of the year. This was our beginner backpack trip where we shared our knowledge and helpful tips to get them out in the backcountry on their own. We went over topo maps, trail blazes, picked an amazing site along the Tecumseh Trail where we set up camp, filtered water from the neighboring stream, made fire, cooked, hung our food and even dug cat holes. We were fortunate enough to see tons of beautiful wild flowers such as shooting stars, jack in the pulpit, trout lilly and dutchman’s breeches. We had a clear night to sit by the fire under the pines and gaze at the stars and Jupiter shining bright. We were also visited by the local Great Horned owls and coyotes. They put on a wonderful performance of howling and hooting.

If you are ready to take your next adventure with your group, family, by yourself or with your company please let us know what excursion you would be interested in.

See what a member of our group spoke about our adventure below.

“Our family of 4 are seasoned campers but novice backpackers. We all agreed that our time with Danielle and Kate was educational but more importantly, FUN! No pressure, our pace and our guides were like hanging out with old friends. We’ll definitely recommend Danielle and Kate to anyone interested in outdoor adventure or to a family or couple who just want some together time outdoors. We had a great backpacking weekend!!” Heidi – Indianapolis, IN

Check out these photos from our adventure!

Backcountry Campsite
Backcountry Campsite
Hiking Morgan Monroe State Forest
Hiking Morgan Monroe
Bridge Morgan Monroe
On the Bridge
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