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A Conscious Camper’s Tools

A common theme among outdoor enthusiasts is a deep connection with the natural world. Because of this, outdoor enthusiasts are often very conscious of how what they are doing may affect the world around them. The deeper and deeper we get into the wild, the more of a harmful impact we are able to leave on the land surrounding us. But it doesn’t just start from following “leave no trace” principles. It also starts from making sure that the products we buy and use have a reduced footprint of their own.

So why not leave a positive impact and buy items that stay true to the values of an outdoorsmen instead?

Here are a few tools that will reduce your impact on this fine place we call Earth.

  1. Jetboil’s CrunchIt

Whenever you finish up with a butane canister, the question is how can I dispose of this canister? You don’t want to fill landfills with more trash when you know it can be recycled but the problem comes in the form of safety. If there is any gas left, you risk the canister blowing up while it is being recycled. But look no farther!

This butane canister, recycling tool is easy to use and very well priced at about $6 a pop. When using this tool, you are actually puncturing the seemingly empty canister in order to allow it to be safely recycled when pressure is applied. The device will actually vent fuel in a safe manner before fully puncturing, according to their website, just in case. Once you’ve done that, indicate that the canister has been drained of gas by crushing it down or giving it a dent. The actual device is lightweight, rugged, made out of stainless steel, and simply clips onto a carabineer or keying. This simple solution will keep our land clean, one butane canister at a time.

Source: Sierra Club


  1. BioLite CampStove

Here’s a fun one. If you’re looking to completely avoid a canister, this might be the way to go. When cooking meals in the outdoors, the more efficient the burn, the happier we are. This device, which only burns wood, is described as being “hyper efficient with performance on par with white gas stoves”. So in other words, your food is going to cook, fast.

On top of that? Instead of wasting the heat energy, it actually harnesses it and converts it into electricity. This means you can plug up any USB-charging device, on the go. Surprisingly, it weighs only about 2.06 pounds and boasts and easy setup. The price at $129.95 may not seem all that attractive at first, but if you’re an avid outdoorsman, this piece may just come in handy, especially when you consider the amount of gas canisters you often find yourself buying and not knowing what to do with. Plus, no gas canister means less weight on your back.


  1. Big Agnes Encampment 15

This sleeping bag is made out of 97% recycled material. Made out of nylon, with a synthetic fill, it manages to feel as toasty as down insulation would. It has Insotect Tubic™ which, according to its description is a “revolutionary tubular insulation system” that was engineered with maximum comfort and thermal efficiency in mind. According to Inhabitat, it is “one of the most vegan-friendly” sleeping bags out there.


  1. Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash

This cleaning product is biodegradable and phosphate, paraben, and fragrance free. Just a little bit of this product goes a long way. It is gentle on fabrics and skin while being effective when used on dishes and laundry stains. The tough packaging insures that leakage in your pack won’t be a problem. Note that although this is biodegradable, it is still good to keep with leave no trace principles and stay at least 200 feet away from a water source when using this product. From REI, 3 oz. of this stuff will cost you about $4! For how concentrated it is, that’s not bad at all.

It also comes in a pocket version!



GearTrade is a website for you to recycle your gear! Not only are you saving the Earth from waste, but you are also getting money back for it. How? Think E-Bay or Craigslist. With no image or listing fees, unlimited photos, and great brands, you’ll be sure to love this site. On top of being able to sell your unneeded gear, you can buy some of what you need at a discounted price! Conditions, brands, and sizes are listed and sellers are rated. The site will even compare the item to its retail price!


If you have any questions for sellers, you can directly ask them by scrolling down on a listing and typing it up. There are actually quite a few stores and online sites that offer used gear so be on the look out for those others as well.

A word of caution! When it comes to gear that is a matter of safety i.e. climbing rope or a harness, used gear is probably not the best route to go. Make sure to purchase items of safety brand new so as to guarantee that the item will keep you safe upon use.


To learn about even more eco-friendly camping gear, check out this article from Inhabitat!

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