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Online Knot Tying Workshop

Join us for our first online training working with one our Guidesses, Katy Aiello! Katy is the expert knot woman on our team and she’s going to share 6 of the best knots for you to know in the backcountry including, square knot, bowline, sheet bend, clove hitch, trucker’s hitch, and the taut line hitch.
Sign up for free here to get the details before and after the workshop and get our follow along fun knot worksheet! 
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Big South Fork Women's Backpacking DNK Presents

Women’s Big South Fork Backpacking

Join us for this beginner/moderate Women’s Backpacking Adventure in The Big South Fork National Recreation Area in Oneida, Tennessee! We will begin the trip on Friday at 1pm EST and finish by Sunday 12pm-ish. The entire weekend will be about 12 miles, there is about 700 ft. of elevation fall on Friday and 7oo ft. of elevation rise on the final day, Sunday. The terrain is all single track trail and rugged. Friday night we will backpack in to Charit Creek and be at a beautiful primitive site along the creek, about a 2 mile hike in. The next day we will hike along Charit Creek Trail, set up camp along the beautiful creek again, then day hike to breathtaking Slave Falls and incredible rock shelters, and caves along the trail. Sunday morning we will wake up and hike back up to see the Twin Arches and then to the trailhead.

This trip you will learn the basics of backpacking including how to filter water, read a map, cook in the backcountry, hang food, and have an amazing time in an absolutely beautiful part of the country. We hope you will join us for this awesome weekend we have planned! Your head guide will be co-founder of DNK Presents Kate Nolan, we can’t wait to take you on this adventure this fall!

Trip Itinerary:

Adventure begins Friday October 4th 1pm exact meeting location will be sent out

Adventure ends Sunday October 6th by 12pm


Cost does not include: 

Transportation to and from starting location

Travel insurance

The gear listed below that is not *


Cost does include: 

Professionally trained women guides

Backcountry meals including: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch (if needed)

Gear if needed (limited quantities available) 62L Backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, 2 person shared Tent, camp stove, fuel

Commercial backcountry permits for The Big South Fork Recreation Area

An opportunity to learn from super rad outdoor women guides about backpacking in a small group setting with other like minded women!


Gear list and recommended clothing:

Gear with a * is available and included in your cost on a first come first serve basis! Sign up early if you need this gear so we can accommodate your needs!


*Sleeping Bag

*Sleeping Pad

*2 – person shared Tent

*Camp stove fuel

*Camp stove, Jet Boil etc.

Hammock (if you do not have a tent)

Pan or pot for cooking


Extra batteries (for headlamp)

Matches or lighter

“Mess kit” i.e. plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife

Instant coffee packets or tea if you like

Snacks/Extra food (standard fruit i.e., apples, oranges are NOT recommended because they are heavy and there is waste, trial mix, granola bars, etc. are better)

Extra clothes, layers (dry fit, wool or technical – cotton is NOT recommended because once it gets wet it stays wet)

2 filled water bottles (64 oz. total) or water or hydration bladder filled (2 liters at least)


Insect Repellent


Gators (for shoes – optional)

Trekking poles (optional)

Sunburn Preventative

Bathroom “kit”  large zip lock bag, or dark zip lock bag, wipes, hand sanitizer, trowels will be available

Baby wipes or face wipes

Zip lock bags for small items

Large Zip lock bags and/or plastic bags for carrying out your trash

Camp shoes (cheap pair of flip flops to wear when we get to the camp site area)

Hiking boots (highly recommended)

Extra socks

Rain Gear (jacket, poncho, rain pants)


Band-Aids’, other First Aide items you may need (DNK has First Aid Kit)

Personal items

*DNK Presents provides if you have requested

We ask that you carry any medications you may need. Please notify us of any known allergies food or otherwise, medications or medical conditions your guides should be aware of. 


To learn more about The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, check out the link here:

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Wild Women’s Hike

Join us for the last hike of 2018! Backcountry guide Candice Baggett will lead us on a beautiful hike at Eagle Creek Park on New Year’s Eve. Please dress for the weather and bring water or snacks if you need them. There is a fee to get into Eagle Creek Park, $5 for Marion county residents and $6 for out of county residents. You can also buy an annual pass $50 for in Marion county and $60 for out of county. We hope you will join us for this hike in one of our favorite parks in Indianapolis!

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DNK Presents women's backpacking

Intro to Backpacking Workshop

Come one come all to learn some basics to backpacking in this free workshop taking place at our favorite local outfitter Rusted Moon in Broad Ripple. In this free workshop we (Danielle and Kate) and our other adventure guides will go over what we carry on a typical backpacking trip. We’ll bring in our own backpacks and show you exactly what’s inside ours, go over our favorite brands, must haves for us, and how we pack our equipment and keep our gear long lasting. In this session we will particularly focus on our gear for our Women’s Backpacking Adventure in The Big South Fork taking place Nov. 9-11. The Big South Fork has breathtaking rock features that are unlike most places in the world. We will explore the rugged trails, see the famous Twin Arches, hike to Slave Falls and camp alongside beautiful creek beds. We hope you’ll join us to learn more about backpacking and why we love it SO much!

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Skunkworks Racing Mountain Bike Clinic

Hello women of The Skunkworks Racing Team! Last year we coached you and others in Chicago now we are so excited to take to you our neck of the woods, Brown County State Park! With this day clinic you will get the skills you need to take your riding to the next level. We are excited to guide and coach you on our newest and most advanced and fun trails in Brown County, this means lots of riding and sessioning on the trails in the park together. We will teach you the skills on how to confidently conquer rocks and roots as well as learning the proper technique of getting sweet air on the awesome downhill Hobbs Hollow trail.

*This clinic is only for the Skunkworks Racing Team out of Chicago, if you want a private clinic with your and your team or your best friends let us know and we would be happy to organize an event for you!

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Men’s Mountain Bike Clinic

Join us for a Men’s Mountain Bike Clinic at Flat Fork Creek Park in Fishers, IN. We will cover the basic skills to get you feeling more confident to take on your next mountain bike adventure! The second half of the clinic we will take your new honed in skills onto the trails! All levels are welcome even if you have never mountain biked! If you need recommendations on bike rental please contact us. We hope you will join us for an awesome day in the park!

You will need to provide or have your own bike, and helmet for the clinic.

UPDATE: You will sign up for the clinic on Fisher’s Park and Recreation website not on the DNK Presents’ website. When you are on the website type in “mountain bike” in the search box on the upper right hand area and the 3 mountain bike clinics will be listed. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Sign up by clicking the link or copying and pasting it in your search box:

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