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Campside Sessions Women’s Mountain Bike Camp Virginia

Get all the details and sign up on our sister site Campside Sessions here!

Join us for an awesome weekend of riding and mountain bike skills in Stokesville, VA. You will be instructed by professional coaches and meet other amazing women to continue your riding with. Food and primitive on site camping is included, see you on the trails!

When: Oct. 18-20

Where: Stokesville, VA Campground

Who: Awesome rad women who want to learn skills and mountain bike with other awesome rad women

Learn more and sign up on our sister website Campside Sessions!

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Sedona Women’s Mountain Bike Camp

Join us for the DNK Presents Women’s Mountain Bike Camp in Sedona, AZ! Learn how to shred the trails with Trek Bicycle Women’s Advocates and certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBIA) Kate Nolan along with other certified coaches and advocates Charlotte Batty, and Michelle Thiry for this epic weekend in the red rocks. A weekend to focus on yourself, in the great outdoors with other inspiring women. We will guide you through skill sessions based on your riding level in the morning and then lead you on rides through the beautiful red rocks in the afternoon.  You will leave with incredible knowledge, more confidence and skills to take to the trails and making lasting friendships.

The clinic will take place at Trail Sports Bike Shop in West Sedona, trail rides will be taken from the bike shop.

Example Itinerary:

Check in Friday evening or Saturday morning

Saturday 8am light breakfast and coffee is served at Trail Sports

9am Announcements, take shuttle to bike park skills area

9:30-12pm Drills and Skills

12-1pm Lunch

1:30-4pm Group rides on the trails

Saturday evening optional bike maintenance workshops at the shop

Discounted bike rentals are available on a first come first serve basis, please contact Trail Sports (928) 862-2905 for rental equipment. 

A light breakfast with coffee, lunches, and a pizza party for Saturday night is included in the cost!

Learn how to ride the break-taking red rocks of Sedona Arizona, meet other like-minded amazing outdoor women, and make lasting friendships and memories along the way. We hope to meet you this spring!

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We hope you join us for an awesome women’s mountain bike camp in Sedona, AZ this fall! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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Campside Sessions Women’s Mountain Bike Camp Brown County

Get all the details and sign up on our sister site Campside Sessions here!

Join us for an awesome weekend of riding and mountain bike skills along the legendary trails in beautiful Brown County State Park. You will be instructed by professional coaches and meet other amazing women to continue your riding with. Food and primitive on site camping is included, see you on the trails!

When: Sept. 20-22

Where: Brown County State Park

Who: Awesome rad women who want to learn skills and mountain bike with other awesome rad women

Learn more and sign up on our sister website Campside Sessions!


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Women’s Live Adventurously Weekend

Live Adventurously is a theme DNK Presents has focused on since forming our business 5 years ago. The idea to try something new or something you haven’t done in a while with other like-minded women in the great outdoors. One of the reasons we founded the (“Live Adventurously“) Women’s Adventure Giveaway was that we saw so many women benefitting from our outdoor experiences we were providing. We offer the Giveaway once a year, but are working with sponsors and partners to be able to offer this unique opportunity more so we can help more women empower themselves, build confidence and strengthen their overall health and wellness.

The Women’s Live Adventurously Weekend for women to try some of the same things we offer during the Women’s Adventure Giveaway, only with even more to choose from! Think about going to a conference and choosing which speakers you want to listen to, only here choosing what workshop you want to be part of or if you want to take a hike, bike ride, yoga class or learn about wilderness medicine! We hope you will join us for this awesome outdoor summit!

The weekend will take place in various locations in Brown County, Indiana.


Evening arrive at location, set up camp and get excited for an awesome outdoor wild women’s weekend together!


Morning  breakfast

Saturday mid morning arrive at base camp in another location close to the backpacking area choose from the following tracks throughout the day.


Wilderness Medicine Workshop

Mountain bike skills session and ride

Backpacking Workshop with guided hike and skills training

Water activities – canoeing, kayaking

Leave No Trace Workshop

Women’s Outdoor Specific Gear

Adventuring as a parent – how to bring your kids outdoors

Downtown for relaxation if desired!

Saturday evening we will have dinner together around the campfire, and hear stories from some inspiring women about how the outdoors has impacted their lives


Morning breakfast together final optional activities available

11am Pack up camp


$295.00 includes your primitive camping on site with our group, access to all the workshops and activities, camping gear (first come first serve basis), food for the weekend – we can accommodate for vegan and gluten free options, if you have other special dietary restrictions please contact us as soon as possible


*A detailed schedule will be given out close to the event

*Some gear is available on a first come first serve basis, if we run out we can assist with places you can rent gear from

*If you want to bike and need a rental we work with Columbus Bicycle Station for discounts on rentals for the weekend

*Primitive camping is included for the weekend, you can choose to stay at a cabin onsite as well, if you’re interested in this option please contact us for details!

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Campside Sessions Women’s Mountain Bike Camp

Sign up and get all the details on our sister site – Campside Sessions here! 



About The Event

What’s included?

Your registration covers a great weekend of riding bikes, learning skills, and making new friends in beautiful North Carolina. You will be coached by certified mountain bike instructors who know how to meet you where you are in your mountain bike journey.


There are several options to choose from at The Bike Farm in Brevard, NC. Check out their Camping and Glamping sites and book today!


You can purchase a meal plan for $100. If you don’t want to worry about prepping meals during the camp weekend, this is a great option for you! Simply add the meal plan to your cart.

What to wear: If you have mountain bike padded shorts, please wear them, your bum will thank you! If you do not have padded shorts look into investing in some or wear shorts, leggings or comfortable pants (not really baggy) that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty or wearing for several hours on your bike. Look at the forecast, wear and bring layers, rain gear, and extra dry clothes just in case.

Clipless or flats: We recommend wearing flat pedals for mountain bike clinics, if you are clipless and really want to ride clipped in you can, but you may not feel as comfortable trying some awesome new skills. No matter what you decide make sure your pedals match what shoes you bring to wear i.e. for flat pedals you need flat shoes or sneakers, for clipless pedals you will need your clipless shoes. We will have a limited supply of demo flat pedals for you to try out if you like!

Gear List:

– Proper clothing, layers (listed above)

– Rain Gear

– Bike

– Helmet

– Extra tubes and/or CO2

– Shoes

– Bug spray

– Sunscreen

– Headlamp or flash light

– Camp Chair

– CamelBak, or other small backpack for the trail rides for snacks, water, etc. Bring water bottles if you have a cage on your bike

– Water bottle, water bladders, etc.

– Favorite snacks, electrolytes

– Yoga mat (if participating)

Camp Schedule:

Friday September 21st

4-8pm Arrive at Brown County State Park, meet your coaches. Dinner served that evening on site.

Saturday September 22nd

7:15-8:15am Optional Yoga

8:30am Breakfast

9-11:45am Morning Skills

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Group rides on the trails

6pm Dinner and bike maintenance workshops

7:30pm Fireside chats

Sunday September 23rd

7:15-8:15am Optional Yoga

8:30am Breakfast

9-10am Morning skills

10-12pm Group rides

12:30pm Lunch

2pm Pack up with new riding friends and experiences you will remember forever!

*Times are approximate and subject to change.

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Wild Women’s Advanced Backpacking

Backpack the entire 42 mile Tecumseh Trail with us this June 19-23rd!

Join DNK Presents as we take you on the first women’s only guided trip of the entire Tecumseh Trail in Central Indiana. The entire Tecumseh Trail is 42 miles that begins in Morgan-Monroe State Forest and ends on the southern boarder of Yellowwood State Forest and where Hoosier National Forest begins. We will arrange shuttles to drive you to your vehicles when you finish the trip. Depending on the day you will hike approximately 8-12 miles each day to complete the trip on Sunday June 23rd. The terrain is rugged and there are severe elevation gains and losses as well as creek crossings.

Since this is an advanced trip at minimum some knowledge of backpacking is extremely advised. On the trip you will make food in the backcountry with dehydrated meals, filter water, make fire, hang food, read a map, and so much more! If you have questions on whether this trip is for you please contact us, we hope you will join us for this awesome wilderness adventure we have planned!

Note: This is an advanced trip, it is highly recommended that you have some previous backpacking, hiking and/or camping experience before committing. The terrain is rugged, you will have over 3600 feet of elevation gain and loss, there are multiple creek crossings, there are no showers, bathrooms, etc. along the trail. After this trip you will have a solid working knowledge of backpacking and have completed a through hike!

Trip Itinerary:

Adventure begins Wednesday June 19th meet at Morgan-Monroe State Forest Tecumseh Trailhead

Adventure ends Sunday June 23rd Yellowwood State Forest and Hoosier National Forest boundary

Dehydrated meals will be provided for the trip, you will be required to carry your food with your food partner (most food are 2 servings) Make sure to have some room open in your backpacks for meals. All food provided is vegetarian we can accommodate most food allergies if we know far enough in advance. For this longer trip we do require 60 days notice of any food allergies or restrictions so we can make arrangements for the meal plan.

Other important info:

*If you are an hour or more late for the start time of the trip you will forfeit your spot for the adventure and will not receive a refund.

*Communication will be done through email for this trip from, you will receive more trip details and information closer to the event date, please do not comment on Facebook posts about this trip, the best way to get all the details is through email, thank you!


*DNK Presents can provide the * gear listed below on a first come first serve basis, sign up soon to reserve any gear if you need it.


*Sleeping Bag

*Sleeping Pad

*Tent or hammock

*Camp stove fuel

*Camp stove, Jet Boil etc.

Gear list and recommended clothing to bring:

Pan or pot for cooking


Extra batteries (for headlamp)

Matches or lighter

“Mess kit” i.e. plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife

Instant coffee packets or tea if you like

Snacks/Extra food (standard fruit i.e., apples, oranges are NOT recommended because they are heavy and there is waste, trial mix, granola bars, etc. are better)

Extra clothes, layers (dry fit, wool or technical – cotton is NOT recommended because once it gets wet it stays wet)

2 filled water bottles (64 oz. total) or water or hydration bladder filled (2 liters at least)


Insect Repellent


Gators (for shoes – optional)

Trekking poles (optional)

Sunburn Preventative

Bathroom “kit”  large zip lock bag, or dark zip lock bag, wipes, hand sanitizer, trowels will be available

Baby wipes or face wipes

Zip lock bags for small items

Large Zip lock bags and/or plastic bags for carrying out your trash

Camp shoes (cheap pair of flip flops to wear when we get to the camp site area)

Hiking boots (highly recommended)

Extra socks

Rain Gear (jacket, poncho, rain pants)


Band-Aids’, other First Aide items you may need (DNK has First Aid Kit)

Personal items

We ask that you carry any medications you may need. Please notify us of any known allergies food or otherwise, medications or medical conditions your guides should be aware of. 


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Busted Knuckle Mountain Bike Clinics

Join us for one or the series of bike clinics at Hard Truth Hills in Brown County, Indiana. Bike rentals are available at a discounted rate through Bicycle Station Columbus, IN.

All clinics are from 10-12pm
$50.00 per person includes the 2 hour clinic and a drink afterwards at Hard Truth Hills

June 15th Back to the Basics 

Learn the basics of mountain biking with this great beginner skills session with certified professional mountain bike instructor and Trek bicycle women’s advocate Kate Nolan.

July 13th A Wheel Raising Good Time

August 3rd Drop It Like It’s Hot Roll Downs & Drops

Sept 14th Feel the Flow Pumps & Jumps


***Sign up for all 4 clinics and get $25 off!

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Women’s Adventure Getaway: Laughter, Challenge, Reflection

By Hannah Kelling

Our Getaway Weekend was the gift that kept on giving. Whether we felt ready to admit it or not, each one of us participants (and maybe our guides, too?) needed a break from the onslaught of the daily grind. Mothering, schooling, moving, and bounding over the hurdles of life in a seemingly endless routine had worn each of us down to a point where we didn’t really recognize ourselves anymore. That began to change when we arrived at the Lula Lake Land Trust on Thursday evening. Like it or not, we had to let go of that routine which was both demanding and comforting, tiring and reliable. We were blown away by a wonderful set of gear and then promptly set out for destinations unknown. Arriving at the overlook where (unbelievably) we would spend our first night, the demands of the “real world” started to fall away. We had no responsibilities beyond setting up our hammocks and being present for each other. We were asked only to listen, to laugh, to reflect, and to engage mindfully with the beautiful scenery and extraordinary company we’d been gifted. One by one, little by little… We let go. We allowed ourselves to be surprised. We lost control, and found adventure.

The weekend continued in a series of grand and little surprises. An incredible salmon dinner. A couple four leaf clovers. A rafting adventure on the Ocoee. A chance to read our nomination letters. You would just catch your breath, and then it would be taken away again by another incredible gift. We told each other stories, tales which seemed to illustrate exactly why we needed to be there. Stories of challenges and survival, sacrifice and generosity, loss and discovery. I grew to really genuinely love everyone. Chelsea for her good listening and kindness, Bridget for her vivaciousness and strength, Kristen for her generosity and gentleness. And our guides and hosts… How could we ever thank you enough? How could we ever put to words how much that meant to us?

Driving back home, I didn’t THINK much. My mind wasn’t occupied with trying to plan/control my future or ruminating on the mistakes of the past. For once, I was just wrapped up in a feeling. Something like contentment, but spiced up with real joy and playfulness. The feeling that I really was the luckiest person on Earth.

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Brown County Bike Party

Join us for the first edition of Bike Party in beautiful Brown County, Indiana. We’ve been enjoying Bike Party in Indy for years, now that we’ve moved to the country we want to bring that awesomeness down yonder!

We’ll meet at Hard Truth Hills, park in the gravel lot behind the distillery and take our ride from there to different stops along the way. We’ll end at Hard Truth Hills, they’ll have their patio and grill open so join us and enjoy the live music on the deck outside. The gate will be open so you can pull your bike inside. We hope to see you soon!

Our theme is The 500, a week late and a dollar short! Dressing up is encouraged, lights are required and a good attitude. Ride starts at 7pm, this is a slow roll, all bikes are welcome and there will be no drops. This event is and always will be FREE!

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