DYI Handlebar Mount Bikepacking

Do it yourself and make your own Handlebar Mount for Bikepacking or any type of biking or cycling. Join us on Facebook. Live May 13th at 8pm EST. For just $17 (early bird) $20 (full price) you will get all the supplies you need to make your own handlebar mount. 

Our DNK Adventures’ host Tiffany *Hutch*  Hutchens will take you through the steps of assembling the harness, as well as facilitate discussion on bikepacking FAQs and resources to help build your bikepacking and cycling stoke! Let’s build this thing and the community!

*Please sign up by May 8th at the latest so we can send you the materials in the mail.

Cost: $17.00 until May 5th price increase to $20.00 on May 6th

The cost includes:

  • Lightweight, but very durable corrugated plastic ‘sheet’, cut to size
  • Two pieces of webbing
  • Two strap buckles
  • Two attachment extenders (the use of these will become clear later)
  • One piece of rubber or webbing tie that we are calling the tail
  • Two pieces of paper with directions and a measurement template
  • One awesome DNK Presents sticker
Handlebar Mount DNK Presents
Handlebar Mount DNK Presents
What you will need to provide:
  • Exacto knife, preferably one with thicker blades like for cutting carpet
  • A safe cutting surface like a carpet square, or multiple layers of cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie marker
  • Butter knife or something to aid in pushing the webbing through the slits in the plastic
  • You may want to have your sleeping back sack or another cylinder shaped object that can be used to help shape the harness


This DIY craft is like no other as you are creating a fully functional handlebar harness for all of the bikepacking trips you’ve been fantasizing about! Let’s face it, we don’t want to spend all of our pandemic relief check on bike gear, (well…) and this is a no-sew, no-glue, no-power tools way to display innovation, resourcefulness, and pride on your ‘rig’. That’s bikepack speak for fully- loaded bike. 

If you miss the live broadcast, don’t fret we will email you a link to watch it at a later time. Do us a favor and tell your friends about this awesome event, but please do them a favor by encouraging them to sign up for the next one to get the right supplies and full experience!

Handlebar Mount DNK Presents
Handlebar Mount DNK Presents
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