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Happiness in the Workplace

What is Happiness?

It’s a simple question really. What is happiness? According to happy (adjective) 1. is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment 2. fortunate and convenient.

Each person has a very different answer to this question and we all come from different backgrounds, cultures and upbringings so happiness can be gained different ways by different people in the office. Business Collective has a great article on ways to increase your happiness at work here.

According to PEW Research Center millennials make up the largest generation in the workforce.

More millennials are being hired at companies and they want different things than your GenXers and Baby Boomers want. How do you keep them all happy? If you are an employer there are several different ways you can incorporate happiness within the workplace.

Try many different things and see what works and what doesn’t. Remember no matter what you do there are always skeptics out there too. Sometimes there’s someone who doesn’t want to do anything you mention, no matter what it is, and maybe with increasing workplace happiness they will improve their mindset or you may see that they do not align with your company culture after all. There are some tips we developed that will help when you are trying to incorporate happiness in the workplace.

When choosing an activity ask…

  1. Did they learn something?
  2. Did some or all of your team try something for the first time?

– When you try new things you overcome barriers in your head. For instance, “I’ve never done this before, can I do this?” “I don’t know how to do this, how will I figure this out?” When they attempt and complete these kinds of challenges they gain confidence, problem solving skills, and positive mental health.

  1. Did they get to know their team better?
  2. Do you notice a positive effect after they return to the office?
  3. Last but most importantly, did they have fun? That is a key ingredient to happiness.

If you’re struggling to figure out what your team wants you should ask them! What do they do for fun? What makes them happy? If you have hundreds of employees get with your managers of departments and have them to ask their team what they like to do for fun and what makes them happy. It’s not all about buying them tickets to a local basketball game, or having t-shirt or beer Fridays. You need to get much more creative if you want to recruit talented individuals, retain your current employees, keep them happy and in turn grow your business.

Good luck with your workplace happiness! Let us know what kinds of things you have done at your office to keep your employees happy, we’d love to hear from you!


Hugging trees makes us feel happy!

Have an adventurous day!

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dnk presents, private group adventures, corporate team building adventures, adventures,

Millennials – Living, Working, Doing

Being out and about networking for our business it’s hard to go a week, well let’s be honest a day without hearing someone bringing up – Millennials and how to deal with those ‘darn kids’! As I was wondering why I can’t go a day without someone bringing up the topic of millennials, company culture, or the generation gap. I then realized why this topic is so prevalent, the Baby Boomers and the Gen X’ers are hiring us, recruiting us and trying to retain us at their offices.

So they (older crowd) want us (Millennials) in the office doing all the awesomeness we do but then our co-workers and bosses don’t know how to deal with us because we are so different from the other generations. For example Millennials are now the most diverse, and largest living generation in the U.S. For the first time we feel like we can be ourselves in the office which means we want to talk to our co-workers and engage with them on a regular-ish basis (we also like to have flexibility to be able to work from home!) We have been influenced by technology and we aggregate very quickly to change which means we adapt well to new ideas and creativity. Check out this study from the White House on everything else you ever wanted to know about Millennials.

So here is this new awesome breed of humans coming into the workforce and we still have the question of “How to Deal”? So you can’t afford to take your sales team to Sedona for a week long energy vortex, meditation retreat here are a list of some things you can do in your office for a new way of engaging, recruiting and retaining your employees. Don’t forget the Millennial generation likes to work at a place where they feel and are treated like family.

Employee Engagement Tips:

  • Walk and Talk Meetings – Take your meeting outside! This is a great way to get outside the box – literally, you’ll see those creative juices flowing immediately.
  • Weekly Meal – If your office is mostly or partly remote have at least one day and time together a week and not in a meeting setting but in a relaxed setting like lunch or breakfast.
  • Adventures – Yes we are saying it but it’s true, try something different with your staff! They will thank you for caring about them enough to see that you want to do something fun and unique. We have facilitated several large and small organization team building events from a few hours to week long adventure retreats and have gotten excellent feedback from participants.

Our favorite thing to incorporate with any of the tips listed above is to NOT allow any type of technology. So no cell phones, ipads, iphones, computers, etc., therefore people are actually communicating and engaging with one another in the present face to face and not getting distracted with anything else.

Check out when we were guests on Spin Web Radio to hear what we had to say about Company Culture.

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