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DNK Presents Increases Business Through the Indiana Conference for Women

My wife, Kate and I own outdoor adventure company, DNK Presents. Last summer I applied for a chance to pitch our business in the Dolphin Tank at the Indiana Conference for Women. Shock, amazed, scared, were the words I was thinking when I first received the email that DNK Presents was accepted into The Dolphin Tank. At the time, I did not know that my 5 minute pitch would connect us with several large organizations interested in our services, give me the tools I needed to successfully execute our business story, and a chance to connect with other impactful women and mentors as part of the process.

The months leading up to the conference were just as important as the day of. The Dolphin Tank finalists received three optional check-in Startup Study Hall sessions conducted by The Startup Ladies, an organization that connects, identifies, educates, and connects women entrepreneurs starting up and scaling up their businesses, to assist us in our pitch for the Dolphin Tank. These sessions were incredibly valuable in the successful delivery of my pitch during the Indiana Conference for Women.

We made several connections from this experience; one of the most significant was made with $6 billion dollar technology company, Salesforce. Two of their executive team members approached Kate and I after the pitch, we met later that year, and have since scheduled an adventure outing with their Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN) group. This connection and business growth would not have occurred without the prestigious Indiana Conference for Women, and by including Springboard Enterprise’s Dolphin Tank into the conference. We could not have asked for a better experience from receiving the initial, you were accepted email, to the end of the conference. We are forever grateful to the courageous women who initiated this conference, and the amazing efforts of others to bring in influential women and businesses to this conference.

Being accepted into the Dolphin Tank at the Indiana Conference for Women not only gave DNK Presents remarkable exposure, but also confidence, and tenacity convening our message and delivering our story to a room full of strangers. The feedback and energy from the entire day left us feeling recharged and excited for our business to accelerate to the next level. The Indiana Conference for Women is an outstanding day filled with inspiration, networking, and motivation for women entrepreneurs, and women in business. We look forward to the conference this year and to the many years ahead.

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dnk presents, private group adventures, corporate team building adventures, adventures,

Women’s Adventure Contest News Release

                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Danielle Wolter Nolan

DNK Presents



DNK Presents Women’s Adventure Contest and Documentary

“Indiana-based” outdoor adventure company DNK Presents is offering an unprecedented program, a Women’s Adventure Contest and Documentary to take place in Indiana. The Indianapolis based outdoor adventure company will select four Indiana women to win a free adventure. DNK Presents owners Danielle and Kate Nolan will lead the adventure, which will take place the weekend of May 12-15, 2016. The four contest winners will disconnect from technology, experience the outdoors, and challenge themselves with new activities. In addition, a select team of inspiring, leading local women will join the adventure trip as activity facilitators.

The contest weekend will also form the basis of a DNK Presents documentary about the significance of women experiencing adventure. “We feel women’s outdoor adventure films, and first-person documentaries are few and far between,” said Danielle Wolter Nolan. “Our film will showcase ordinary women empowering themselves through a variety of activities.”

DNK Presents is actively seeking nominations for this unique experience through February 26, 2016. Nomination submission details and highlights of the women’s adventure weekend activities are available on the DNK Presents website, www.dnkpresents.com.
Danielle and Kate Nolan founded DNK Presents in June 2014, and began offering open sign-up adventures in April 2015. They know that challenging oudoor experiences and reconnecting with nature have transformed them both, personally and professionally. And, they have made it their mission to facilitate the same for others. Danielle and Kate customize adventure packages according to their clients’ goals and expected outcomes. They particularly enjoy working with women’s groups in leadership development and empowerment activities. DNK Presents is a fully insured adventure business. Danielle and Kate are Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified, Leave No Trace trainers and have their lead climbing certification.

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Outdoor Dining & The Things You Need to Consider

Going on a backpacking trip means you don’t want to carry any unnecessary weight. Well, when it comes to food, there is much more to consider. According to REI, these are the things you need to be looking for.

Taste – Yeah, don’t try going out into the backcountry with food you can’t stomach. This isn’t the time to learn to like new foods. Do that at home. Don’t try to convince yourself that you’ll eat something if you know you can’t enjoy it. You need the….

Calories – There is no time for a diet in the woods. Calories will be burned anyways. This is the energy that is fueling your entire escapade. If you don’t have the energy to continue on, backpacking just won’t be the greatest experience for you. Energy, energy, energy. Keep that in mind as you go along!

Nutrition – While in the backcountry, you’ll want to make sure that you are staying filled up on complex carbohydrates and proteins. Having sugary treats with no return will only make you drag and feel heavy. Make sure to keep nuts and dried fruits on you. They will be able to provide you with the more stable and consistent energy you’ll need.

Weight & Bulk – Again, weight and bulk are huge concerns for backpacking. As miraculous as backpacking packs are, the less weight you have on you, the better it will feel, leaving you with more energy to go farther. It’s amazing the relief you feel taking off the pack after a day of backpacking and realizing how much weight you were actually just carrying. An easy way to do this is to reduce any unnecessary packaging. Just make sure to clearly label everything and include instructions if there are any included with the food. Another thing? Be aware of the equipment you’ll need to prepare everything…

Ease of Preparation – The ease and simplicity by which you can make a meal is a huge part of selecting the meal to be packed. The more complex, the more frivolous tools you’ll end up carrying. Again, that is just more unnecessary weight. Make sure that in case of any sort of malfunction with a stove you have non-cook items available for consumption. You also may not even have the energy to get through cooking a whole entire meal. Keep it simple. Sit back and relax. Hey, at least it isn’t a microwaveable dinner meal.

Availability of Water – If there isn’t all that much water available where you plan on setting camp up in or even just are hiking through, you will need to keep this in mind as you pack food. Things that don’t require water will be your best bet in these situations.

Fuel – If anything you bring needs a stove, you’re going to need to check the cook time. Depending on that, you’ll need to bring a certain amount of fuel. Make sure you have that amount available but also keep in mind, again, the more canisters you have, the more weight you’ll be carrying.

Cost – All that gear you find you’ll need for backpacking is expensive. And that’s without accounting for the price of food. The cost of food comes with many considerations of its own though. You have to take into account the utensils you need, pots and pans you may need, as well as the extra things you may need to accompany your may use to dress up your meal. That’s all without actually taking into account the food you’re bringing along, Don’t go overboard buying items that may break your bank, but don’t go too cheap either because you want to make sure you aren’t compromising on taste and nutrition especially.


So now you are probably wondering, what are some good examples of things that fit well into all of these considerations? Dehydrated packs are great. They are specifically meant for use in the outdoors so the nutrition benefits are high. Some allow you to use either hot or cold water for cooking so if there really is a malfunction with your stove, your option A, is also your option B. These packs are really light and include clear instructions for ease. As I mentioned before, nuts and dried fruits are great for snacking on throughout your trip for all the obvious reasons and then some. Make sure to have plenty of water on you. There’s never enough water when you’re out backpacking. That is weight that you won’t regret bringing along.

Canned foods are a good, quick option. Bringing some spices along may also make your meals much more worthwhile. Pack them up in mini Ziploc bags and they’ll weigh virtually nothing. Same goes for powdered drink mixes. It’ll be nice to have a refreshing, fruity drink in you. As you might imagine, coffee is a popular option, too. Eggs, oatmeal, and pancake mix are popular breakfast choices. Lunch is more often just a series of snacks throughout the hike such as granola, jerky, and dried fruit. As for dinners, those are often the reward to your day, and are meant to take more prep time for ultimate enjoyment. Pasta, soup, and a variety of “instant” foods are popular choices for that time of day.

Something you’ll need to keep in mind is wildlife. Bear bags, as they are called are meant to hold all of your food in one place away from your tent and other things. They’re meant to decrease the chances of being attacked for your food as well as for keeping your food supply safe. They are kept up in the air, usually between two trees. However, bear bags can’t be too close to one side. There’s a chance that an animal could climb up to them. Make sure you are aware of what kinds of animals you might find on your adventure so that you can tailor the way in which you hang your bear bag(s). For more information and for a how-to, checkout this video from Peak Survival!

If you’re going “car camping”, most of this won’t apply. Just make sure that you know how and what you’ll need to prepare the items that you’ve brought along and have enough fuel to keep your stove going. No matter where you’re eating though, make sure to keep the seven Leave No Trace principles in mind!

If you are a woman looking to get some hands on experience and knowledge, you should join us on our next beginner’s backpacking trip! We are teaming up with Team Film (see what I did there?) to unplug and embrace nature for an overnight backpacking trip to Charles C. Deam Wilderness which is located within the Hoosier National Forest. For more information and to sign up click here! We’re excited to see you all out there August 22-23rd, 2015.

In the end, just remember, you need food. It’s how you’ll survive. If you’re afraid you don’t have enough, food is the one thing you shouldn’t fear your supply of. Pack enough to make you feel comfortable but also keeps your pack at a decent weight, too. Bon Appetite and trust me on this: everything tastes good after a long excursion with a pack on your back.


Eden Ashebir
Adventure Marketing Intern
Your Next Great Adventure…


Ever been to Costa Rica? Needing an escape? Click here for more information for our first ever DNK Presents Costa Rica Adventure, January 23rd through 30th, 2016. Registration closes by October 1st, 2015 so sign up quick!

Payment plan available.

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