DNK Presents women's backpacking

Intro to Backpacking Workshop

Come one come all to learn some basics to backpacking in this free workshop taking place at our favorite local outfitter Rusted Moon in Broad Ripple. In this free workshop we (Danielle and Kate) and our other adventure guides will go over what we carry on a typical backpacking trip. We’ll bring in our own backpacks and show you exactly what’s inside ours, go over our favorite brands, must haves for us, and how we pack our equipment and keep our gear long lasting. In this session we will particularly focus on our gear for our Women’s Backpacking Adventure in The Big South Fork taking place Nov. 9-11. The Big South Fork has breathtaking rock features that are unlike most places in the world. We will explore the rugged trails, see the famous Twin Arches, hike to Slave Falls and camp alongside beautiful creek beds. We hope you’ll join us to learn more about backpacking and why we love it SO much!

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