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Pitching DNK Presents

When we started DNK Presents I never thought we would ever be pitching our company, but wow what an extraordinary experience it has been. Even though we aren’t necessarily looking for investment, pitching our business has been an amazing opportunity to get in front of individuals in which we may not have been able to before. I came up with a few reasons why you should pitch your business even if you aren’t looking for investment.


Reasons to Pitch:

  1. You don’t know who is in the audience and you don’t know who they know.

– Pitching will get you in front of an audience you may never have thought would be beneficial or applicable to your company. The ideas the panel or audience members have could shed a whole new light on your marketing efforts, business development, target market or several other aspects of your business. When they ask questions this also gives you on the spot practice at answering sometimes-difficult questions you may not have thought of before.


  1. Practice selling your business in front of multiple people

-You are constantly selling you and your business, and if you want to continue to grow your business you will never stop selling. Speaking to an audience confidently about what you do only gives you more practice, confidence and experience with your industry. I found that preparing for these pitches has made us research the industry even more, in every business you should always be learning and staying one step ahead of the game. Pitching makes you refine everything you already know about your company and industry, which will only make you more credible and knowledgable.


  1. Public speaking

According to the Washington Post, still the number one fear in America is public speaking, heights and bugs are behind and zombies have now made the list! But for years public speaking has topped the charts. Public speaking can scare you, or you can use it to your advantage…if you are good at it. The audience can tell in your voice and body language if you are uncomfortable. It’s ok to be nervous but you can still speak confidently and smoothly being nervous.

Read some tips on public speaking here:

If you still feel uncomfortable invest in a speaking coach or group that will help you and your presentation skills. The fact is most people don’t like public speaking so if you can use this skill to your advantage you will be able to get in front of many individuals and companies you may not have had the opportunity to before.

Where are we pitching next?

It was only a week ago today we pitched our business for the first time at The Indiana Conference for Women at The Dolphin Tank® part of Springboard Enterprises. We were one of six woman owned businesses chosen to pitch in the Dolphin Tank. This experience was absolutely amazing. We learned so much and were able to take that advice into a pitch we got accepted into the following Monday for the InnovateHER Challenge through the Small Business Administration.

And tonight we have the opportunity to pitch again for the same InnovateHER Challenge, which will be at the Microsoft Store in Keystone Mall. We look forward to tonight and we hope to see you at our next pitch.

In case you missed the Dolphin Tank, check out our video of the pitch here.

If you’re trying to raise money check out this link for grants available to small businesses.

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