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Backpacking Series: Intro to Backpacking

“Intro to Backpacking” is part of the Backpacking Series of 3 events taking place this spring in Indiana. 

The Backpacking Series: “Intro to Backpacking in Shades State Park” will be a great opportunity to go on an introductory backpacking trip in beautiful Shades State Park and learn the basics of backpacking with other like minded women!

This overnight will be an opportunity to try out your backpacking gear and explore beautiful Shades State Park. We will start off with a hike (without packs!) in Pine Hills Nature Preserve. Then we will hike with our backpacks to the backcountry campground. We will focus on camp skills such as tent building, fire starting, water filtration, and food storage.


Date: May 1-2

Meeting Time: 10am


Shades State Park

Pine Hills Nature Preserve parking lot

Cost: $159.00 per person

Cost does not include: Transportation to & from Shades State Park, park entrance fee, fees incurred from expenses leading up to the event, Saturday lunch, snacks 

Cost does include: 2 professionally trained women guides, group meals, meals included: Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, group gear (water filtration, cook stove, etc), camping fees for one night at Shades State Park, campfire wood, permit fees, insurance, special gift from DNK Presents


“Intro to Backpacking” is part of a Backpacking Series of 3 events.

What’s in your Pack – Workshop day event $12.00 per person

Intro to Backpacking – Overnight backpacking trip in Shades State Park $159.00 per person

Beginner Backpacking – Overnight (with an option for a Friday night camp out as well) along the Knobstone Trail at Delaney Creek Park $199.00 per person

Total for all three events: $370.00 – save $30 when you sign up for all three! Use code Save30

*Sign up for two events receive $20 off with code Save20 

*Sign up for all three events receive $30 off with code Save30 Regular Price: $370.00, Discounted Price: $340.00


Meet Your Guides: Check them out on our team page too!

Darlene Patterson

Darlene Patterson DNK Presents Guide
Darlene Patterson DNK Presents Guide

Darlene Patterson’s outdoor experiences are extensive and varied.  By canoe, they include thru-paddling the 740-miles of the Northern Forest Canoe trail (in 28.5 days), paddling a dugout canoe on the Amazon river in Peru, and working summers as a guide/instructor at the Voyageur Outward Bound school near Ely, MN.  There have been 3 trips exploring above the arctic circle (both in Canada and Norway), as well as backpacking on trails that include the Appalachian Trail, Red River Gorge, and the Knobstone Trail.  

When safely tucked back into life in central Indiana, her days are spent teaching art in an elementary school and making work in her Patterson Pottery studio.





Blair Dietrick

Blair Dietrick DNK Presents Guide
Blair Dietrick DNK Presents Guide

Blair has hiked the Triple Crown (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, & Continental Divide Trail) as well as various other trails including the Teton Crest Trail, Lost Coast Trail, an Arizona Trail section hike, & the Camino de Santiago (French Route). She has also rock climbed in public lands across Utah & California and canoed in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. Her certifications include Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Master Educator, & S212 Wildland Fire (Chainsaw). 

She has worn various hats in the outdoor industry including trail worker, welder, logger, cook, carpenter, mechanic, gear shop employee & tree worker. Currently Blair is back home working for the family business and building out her ‘92 Ford Club Wagon on the weekends. When not working or playing outside, Blair enjoys reading, road & mountain biking, & spending time with her Chihuahua, Zelda Mae.






Gear list and recommended clothing:

Gear with a * is available and included in your cost on a first come first serve basis! Sign up early if you need this gear so we can accommodate your needs!


*Sleeping Bag

*Sleeping Pad

*2 – person shared Tent

*Camp stove fuel

*Camp stove, Jet Boil etc.

Hammock (if you do not have a tent)

Pan or pot for cooking


Extra batteries (for headlamp)

Matches or lighter

“Mess kit” i.e. plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife

Instant coffee packets or tea if you like

Snacks/Extra food (standard fruit i.e., apples, oranges are NOT recommended because they are heavy and there is waste, trial mix, granola bars, etc. are better)

Extra clothes, layers (dry fit, wool or technical – cotton is NOT recommended because once it gets wet it stays wet)

2 filled water bottles (64 oz. total) or water or hydration bladder filled (2 liters at least)


Insect Repellent


Gators (for shoes – optional)

Trekking poles (optional)

Sunburn Preventative

Bathroom “kit”  large zip lock bag, or dark zip lock bag, wipes, hand sanitizer, trowels will be available

Baby wipes or face wipes

Zip lock bags for small items

Large Zip lock bags and/or plastic bags for carrying out your trash

Camp shoes (cheap pair of flip flops to wear when we get to the camp site area)

Hiking boots (highly recommended)

Extra socks

Rain Gear (jacket, poncho, rain pants)


Band-Aids’, other First Aide items you may need (DNK has First Aid Kit)

Personal items

*DNK Presents provides if you have requested on a first come first serve basis

We ask that you carry any medications you may need. Please notify us of any known allergies food or otherwise, medications or medical conditions your guides should be aware of.

To learn more about Shades State Park, check out the link here:


If there is another lock down or code red situation we will reschedule the workshop and a full refund or trip transfer will be available to you. 

We will be reaching out to participants before the weekend and asking if you have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has had COVID-19 related symptoms, or if you are experiencing or have in the past 14 days experienced COVID-19 related symptoms. If answering “yes” to any of these questions you will be asked to not join the workshop.

*If you have any questions regarding our procedures that are being taken to keep you safe and healthy please feel free to email Danielle at


Creating Safe Spaces:

The Backpacking Series is focused on creating a safe space for women and empowering more women to feel more comfortable and confident in the outdoors. If you are a woman or a person who identifies as female you are welcome to join us!

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Women's Adventure DNK Presents

Family Intro to Backpacking

Calling all mothers! Have you always wanted to take your child or children on a camping trip? Have you taken camping trips before with your family but are looking to try and see what backpacking is all about? We have the perfect trip for you.

Join us for an overnight adventure in beautiful Shades State Park. We will hike along the backpacking trail a moderate 2.5 miles, to the backcountry area, set up camp, learn how to filter water, cook in the backcountry, hang food, learn the principles of Leave No Trace and so much more! After the weekend you will feel confident to take your children out on your own and be successful in the wilderness. Our professional DNK Presents’ certified guides Candice Baggett and Katy Williams are so excited to lead this first family oriented trip with you.

Please read on to answer some questions that you might have for this trip!

Gear: DNK Presents provides gear (included in cost) for adults. We do not supply backpacking gear for children. The gear we provide such as the cookware, and tent can be shared with your child. Your child would need their own backpack for carrying water, snacks, child’s sized sleeping bag, sleeping pad if they have one.

Cost: Includes one adult and one child, if you have more than one child you want to bring there is an additional $25.00 charge. Also includes backcountry meals for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. You will need to have breakfast before you arrive and pack you and your child’s lunch to have along the trail on Saturday.

Not included in cost:  Fee to get into the state park, $7 for in state and $9 for out of state.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies, all food provided is vegetarian!


Gear list and recommended clothing:

Tent or hammock (we can also provide)

Flashlight/headlamp and extra batteries

Snacks/Extra food

Extra Clothes, bring and wear layers (dry fit, wool or technical – cotton is NOT recommended because once it gets wet it stays wet)

Bring rain gear – rain jacket or poncho, rain pants or water resistant pants

2 filled water bottles (Nalgene size 32 oz. at least or 64 oz. total)


Insect Repellent


Gators (for shoes – optional)

Trekking poles (optional)

Sunburn Preventative

Hand Sanitizer

Plastic or zip lock baggies for storage of small items

Bathroom “Kit” – zip lock bag, wipes, hand sanitizer (there are no bathrooms in the backcountry)

Baby wipes or face wipes

Large Zip lock bags or plastic bags for carrying trash (you will carry your own trash throughout the weekend)

Camp shoes (cheap pair of flip flops to wear when we get to the camp site area)

Hiking boots (recommended) or trail shoes can also work

Extra socks

Band-Aids’, other First Aide items you may need (DNK has First Aid Kit)

Personal items

Bring any and all medications that you need or may need during this adventure

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