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Boost My Business Facebook Watch DNK Presents hosted by Tan France

Boost My Business

DNK Presents is part of an original Facebook Watch show, Boost My Business hosted by Tan France, co-star of Netflix’s Queer Eye.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be on a film set for 2 days and hang out with Tan France, co-star of Netflix’s Queer Eye; or meet and work closely with executives from multi-billion-dollar company, Facebook. It’s still mind blowing to me that DNK Presents, the adventure business Kate and I started back in 2014 is one of companies chosen to be part of an original Facebook Watch show, Boost My Business. The show is part of Facebook’s Summer of Support, 6 weeks of free trainings, tools and insights that begins June 24th. We started DNK Presents because we are passionate about getting people, especially women to step outside their comfort zones, try something new and in turn build confidence through outdoor experiences. I could have never guessed our small business would be part of something so incredibly big.

Tan France, Asher, Danielle and Kate Nolan DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business
Tan France DNK Presents DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business
Asher was more interested in Tan!

It’s hard to believe it was almost a year ago that Facebook reached out to me. They were pretty vague in their description but did tell me they were wanting to talk, AKA interview me, about being part of a new Facebook show and thought DNK Presents might be a good fit. I quickly gathered from the emails with several people copied and phone calls with folks from across the U.S. and overseas that this “show” might be a big deal. I tried not to get my hopes up because I knew nothing was for sure.

When I got word that DNK Presents was one of just 7 other small businesses from across the country selected for Facebook’s first original show called, Boost My Business, I was beyond thrilled. Facebook has been a huge part of the growth of DNK Presents. I come from a marketing background and took notice that over 80% of people who signed up for our trips found out about our business through Facebook. I knew I needed to spend more time and money learning, marketing and building our Facebook and Instagram presence.

We’ve been lucky to have several interactions with Facebook over the years

The first time Facebook contacted me was over 2 years ago, I was assigned an ad account manager and learned so much from working with him.  We built ads together, tracked them, tweaked them and built more. This by the way was all completely free, people often ask how I got this opportunity, and all I’ve heard from Facebook is that it’s a lottery system, I guess I got lucky.

Then I got to be part of a Boost Your Business event. Before COVID-19 Facebook went across the country to different cities and offered one or two-day conference-like events with sessions and workshops on how to grow your business using Facebook and Instagram, again these were all free, you just had to sign up. In October of 2018 I got to speak on a panel with 3 other small business owners in the Central Indiana area about how we use Facebook and Instagram to grow our businesses. For this opportunity again I was randomly contacted by Facebook.

Less than a year later a woman emailed me from a separate team at Facebook about the show. From there it was lots of phone calls and emails, each interaction Kate and I grew more enthusiastic about being part of this show, especially when we found out Tan France was going to be the host of Boost My Business! Tan was the perfect host because of his experience building 2 small businesses and then years later selling them himself and of course he’s an amazing co-host of Queer Eye. It was a dream to have Tan in our small town of Nashville, Indiana for 2 days shooting in the middle of winter. It was cold but we had perfect snow and even got Tan on a bike, you’ll have to watch to see this in action. Tan said he hadn’t been on a bike for 20 years! Seeing this alone is worth it, I promise, our episode is out Monday July 27th at 6pm EST, watch it live here. Kate and I learned a lot from his experiences starting and growing his businesses. It was especially awesome to learn from another LGBTQ person. I would definitely recommend checking out his book, Naturally Tan if you want all the details and learn more about Tan’s real life, it’s quite fascinating.

Tan France and Kate Nolan mountain biking DNK Presents
Kate Nolan and Tan France DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business

I would be remised if I didn’t mention the amazing team at Facebook that we have worked with now for almost a year on this project. They are absolutely incredible, these people really want to help us grow and be successful, they care and it shows. There’s been even more opportunities Facebook has offered to us since filming the show. We are currently part of a new product test at Facebook, which has also helped grow our reach and boost our business. I am also on a virtual panel that you’ll be able to see during Facebook’s Summer of Support. At one time I think I was emailing with 4 different teams on Facebook, I am so grateful for these opportunities to help us grow our business.  

Kate and I (and Asher) are so excited for this show to air and I still have a month until I even get to see it! Make sure to join us in our Facebook Watch party or watch the episode on Facebook Watch on Monday July 27th 6pm EST.

Thank you’s continued

A big shout out and thanks to our friends who came out and bundled up in the December cold to do a mock bike clinic for the filming at none other than our favorite spot in Brown County State park, Hesitation Point. Media Monks film crew for making us look good and also braving the cold (they were mostly from L.A.). My parents and friends who helped watch Asher for those few days we were filming, we are so grateful to you and we love you so much! Thank you, Hard Truth Hills for allowing us to film for 2 days at your amazing facility, and keeping us all well fed. Our friends and board members at the Brown County Visitor’s Center, thank you for making this extra special for us and always showing your support.

DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business
DNK Presents Facebook Watch Boost My Business

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