Women's Backpacking DNK Presents

Wild Women’s Backpack Weekend

Join us for our beginning/moderate women’s backpacking 2-night adventure! We are so excited to offer the full weekend backpack experience so you can enjoy the wilderness and learn even more! This is a beginner to moderate backpack trip. For the weekend you will hike a total of 10 miles along the rugged Tecumseh trail, despite what you may think about Indiana being flat this trail is not, you will hike up and down with a little over 600 ft. of elevation gain and loss. Equipment is provided at no additional charge on a first come first serve basis.

Weekend Summary: You will meet your guide Friday May 4th by 5pm at the Low Gap Trail parking lot in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, and hike in and stay close to the parking lot that evening to camp. Saturday morning you will pack and up hike about 7-8 miles along the rugged Tecumseh trail to the backcountry camping area, the next day you will hike out the about 2-3 mile back to the parking lot to complete the low gap trail loop.

Equipment DNK Presents can provide on a first come first serve basis:
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad
Tent (2 person)
Backcountry cookware
*Dehydrated backpacking food is provided for everyone (Dinner Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday). All of the backpacking food is vegetarian, we can accommodate for most food allergies if we are notified far enough in advance.
The full gear list for the weekend below.Gear list and recommended clothing:
Tent or hammock (we can also provide)
Extra batteries for flashlight/headlamp
Snacks/Extra food
Extra Clothes, Layers (dry fit, wool or technical – cotton is NOT recommended because once it gets wet it stays wet)
2 filled water bottles (Nalgene size 32 oz. at least or 64 oz. total) OR water bladder ***Come with it filled
Insect Repellent
Gators (for shoes – optional)
Trekking poles (optional)
Sunburn Preventative
Hand Sanitizer
Plastic or zip lock baggies for storage of small items, and storage of trash or waste
Bathroom “Kit” – zip lock bag, wipes – you may want to duck tape the outside of your waste bag or use a dark bag
Baby wipes or face wipes
Ziplock bags for small items
Camp shoes (cheap pair of flip-flops to wear when we get to the campsite area)
Hiking boots (highly recommended)
Extra socks
Rain Gear (jacket, poncho, rain pants) – Always a good idea even if the forecast does not call for it
Band-Aids’, other First Aide items you may need (DNK has First Aid Kit)
Personal items

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.
Please contact Danielle at 812-449-6134 or email with questions
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