The Importance of Connecting with Nature

The Importance of Connecting with Nature

After more than a year of Covid protocols, it is not surprising to see that State and National Parks are overwhelmed with people who want to get outside. We are not sedentary creatures. The human body is designed to take in and explore nature for our safety and wellbeing. Centuries of civilizations have spent time and resources ensuring that their celebrations and festivals about and for nature have been saved in history. We did not put all that effort into being outside for nothing. We need nature.

Photo by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash

Research has shown that being outside can decrease stress, anxiety and depression. 

It can increase the ability to focus and retain information. 

It can reverse elevated heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. 

Being outdoors also increases your absorption of vitamin D- an essential vitamin. 

There are so many great reasons to be outdoors.

What are some great activities to get you outside? Walk with your children or pets around your neighborhood, take a bike ride, plant flowers or a garden, go for a hike, try doing yoga outside, or do some nature watching. Maybe have a picnic! From there, the options are endless. The most important tools you need to get started are you, water, and sunscreen. Maybe even bug spray…

So what does being in nature do for you? It allows you to connect with nature- to see, hear and feel nature. Being in nature allows you to settle the mind and focus on you and where you are in that  moment. It allows you to settle the noises that clog your ears and hear birds and the breeze. By being in nature, you can better see how connected we all are and how much we affect everything in life. Once you feel that rush of energy, you will be hooked. And that is great! Find your passion in nature and make sure that it is there for future generations.

Tell us how nature or the outdoors has impacted your life and how do you plan to share your experience with the next generation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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