Women’s Adventure Contest Documentary

Women’s Adventure Contest Documentary


When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Short Summary

We (Danielle & Kate Nolan – hence DNK) began DNK Presents because we want to encourage a happy, healthy community and lifestyle. We feel we live life to the fullest whether it’s mountain biking, trail running, caving, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, or backpacking. Whatever it is, we feel that having the balance of nature and outdoor adventures in our lives has made us more successful in our own careers, brought us closer together as a couple, and so much more! We provide guided adventure retreats to individuals, groups and businesses to promote a balanced, happy, healthy lifestyle.We’ve been at this for over a year now. During that time, we’ve witnessed something truly amazing and inspiring time and again – the effect of outdoor adventures on women! Women who’ve taken adventures with us have overcome fears, regained confidence, found strength they didn’t know they had and challenged themselves to step into increased leadership roles.

Be part of the movement! 

Why are we filming a documentary?

We want to get more everyday women out of their comfort zones, experiencing new things, challenging themselves mentally and physically, and living life adventurously. When you do these things you gain confidence, over come barriers, increase problem solving skills, improve relationships, increase productivity and creativity, improve mental and physically health and many other benefits. We want to get women OUTSIDE to show them what all Indiana has to offer and/or reintroduce them to adventure in their life.

Why aren’t there more adventure films featuring women? We want to see every day women, your mom, sister, aunt, neighbor, teacher, friend experiencing life! With this film we will be able to show empowering women in Indiana living life adventurously! We are filming a documentary of this experience so we can show everyone that women belong in the wild, we are strong, confident and why trying something for the first time is so important. The film will show others that everyday women can do these activities and have access to every activity we will be doing.

How are we filming the documentary?

When we decided to do this, we knew it needed to have an authentic, local feel – and we wanted the women in the film to be special. So, we thought “contest!” We came up with the idea to take four women from anywhere in Indiana on a full-fledged, immersive weekend adventure experience, DNK Presents style. Because we specifically wanted to focus on women who NEED adventure, we opted to make the contest a “by nomination” format. Any woman who is overworked, a single parent, has overcome an obstacle, wishes she was more adventurous, or wants to try something new, or maybe all of these can be nominated.
In March of 2016 four women will be chosen to take part in this first-ever DNK Presents Women’s Adventure Contest weekend. All equipment, food, supplies will be provided during the long weekend adventure. These women will be living off the grid for a weekend, disconnecting from technology, reconnecting with themselves and the outdoors. They’ll participate in adventures such as backpacking, paddle boarding, hiking, mountain biking and other surprises along the way.

During the entire weekend, we and our film production partner, Fishers, Indiana-based 12 Stars Media will capture footage that will become our 30 to 40-minute documentary. Some footage will be shot by the 12 Stars Media crew, but a large percentage of it will be shot by us – and by our participants. We believe this hybrid approach is going to make for a very unique, experiential film.

What we Need

Our budget for the DNK Presents Women’s Adventure Contest and Documentary is $20,000. We’re hoping to raise at least $16,750 of that through IndieGoGo. Here’s a rough breakdown of this figure:

  • $13k for the production cost of the film (includes 12 Stars Media’s fees)
  • The remaining $3750 of our IndieGoGo goal will go toward some equipment needs. We own ALMOST everything we need for this weekend, but we need to rent a few things, like mountain bikes and paddleboards for our winning ladies.
  • Also, we’d like to invest in a few more GoPro cameras so we can get some great birdseye footage during the activities. And, we’re going to invest in small, clip-on mics so that the video footage we capture will have crisp, clear audio – especially during the one-on-one interviews with the women and our fireside chats.
  • Lastly, we want these women to have some great grub – and energizing snacks to keep them going. Our estimated food cost for the weekend is just about half of the $3750

What you get

Anybody who donates $100 or more will have his or her name listed in the credits at the end of the film. This benefit is for individuals only. We welcome corporate donors, especially locals. Please contact us by email before donating so we can find the level that works for you and review the benefits with you.

$50 donors will receive a ticket to the film’s premier screening in Indianapolis, a donors-only discount on additional tickets and reserved seating at the screening.

*Please note that each $50 increment gives you one ticket. If you donate $100, you’ll get two tickets, and so forth.

Your contribution to this project will help us achieve our goal of making the contest and film a truly “Indiana” experience. It was important to us when we set out on this journey to feature Indiana women, to partner with Indiana businesses for materials, equipment and film production; and to film right here in one of our beautiful Indiana forests. The last piece of the puzzle for us is to be able to say that the contest and resulting film was primarily funded by Hoosiers.

  • The project will showcase so many great things about Indiana: its people, its  entrepreneurial spirit, its abundant natural beauty, its deep sense of community, and of course….our love of adventure
  • Our film will feature Indiana women, but it will speak to women everywhere and encourage them to reap the benefits of an adventurous life
  • There is a real need for projects like ours to show all women – and even our young girls – what women CAN do. And we can’t complete this project without your support!

Other Ways You Can Help

We recognize that some of you may want to help with a financial contribution but just cannot. That’s okay. There are other ways you can help us reach our goal:

  • Spread the word – everywhere! Share on social media, send an email to your contact list
  • Nominate a woman you know or ask somebody to nominate you!
  • Use IndieGoGo’s share tools
  • Visit our website. Like our FB page. Follow us on Twitter
  • Contact us and let us know where we can go to speak about the contest and documentary. Help us identify locations where a poster about the contest, documentary and fundraiser would be a good fit.
  • Have an idea we haven’t thought of? Contact us! We’re all ears

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