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The winners will win a 4-day backcountry adventure in Indiana guided by Danielle and Kate Nolan, including over $1,500.00 in free gear and swag to take on their next adventure. Check out the video to get a glimpse of what you can expect on this great adventure. Contact us at if you have any questions.

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  • Help keep the nomination process free
  • Offset cost of permits, logistics, transportation, rental fees, gear, etc.
  • Provide meals for guides and volunteers
  • Pay for documentation support (photographer and videographer)
  • Help to improve and expand the contest each year
  • Change the lives of women in the community


Donation Levels:

  • $50.00 DNK Presents T-shirt
  • $250.00 Two standup paddle board rentals from Rusted Moon Outfitters OR 2 hour mountain bike mini clinic with Kate
  • $500.00 Meet and greet with the 2018 Women’s Adventure Contest winners
  • *$1,000 Private screening of the film “Live Adventurously” including media kit for your office or friends and family
  • *$5,000.00 Private screening of the film “Live Adventurously” including media kit and Q&A with Danielle, Kate and the four winners of the 2016 Women’s Adventure Contest

*Exclusions may apply please contact us for details


Is the donation tax deductible? 

No your donation to the Live Adventurously Women’s Adventure Contest is not tax deductible, the contest is owned by DNK Presents, LLC.

Is there going to be another film?

Currently we are not producing another film unless we can raise enough money to support another documentary.

I am out of state can I still donate?

Yes, you can!

Will the contest ever be anywhere else besides Indiana?

We are currently working on expanding the contest to different areas across the United States.

If I donate and nominate a woman will they have a better chance of winning the 2018 contest?

Your donation will not help or hinder the chances of your nominee winning or advancing in the 2018 Women’s Adventure Contest.


DNK Presents founded and hosts an unprecedented event each year, the Live Adventurously, Women’s Adventure Contest. This event is a chance for people to nominate a woman in their life to win a customized extended backcountry adventure weekend guided by Danielle and Kate. In 2016 they produced a documentary film, “Live Adventurously”, following the women who won the contest. To learn more about the film visit their website at

Interested in having a contest in your area? Contact us for more information.


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Natasha Henley

Native of nowhere and Denizen of everywhere, master of none and Jill of all trades Natasha currently resides in the cozy hills of Lexington Kentucky. If she’s not out shredding the gnar or touring the local arboretum she can almost always be found with her hands in the garden.

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Natasha’s partner in crime is a 3 year-old border collie mix named JD Riley (he’s named after her favorite local printmaker) who keeps anyone within eyesight busy with his favorite game of fetch.

She is supported in her pursuits by her parents and family, and has the cutest (no, really!) little brother named Lucas.

With a passion for culinary arts, social activism, fine arts and music she stays quite busy keeping up with the thriving culture nestled in the hills of Appalachia.

After 27 years of searching for the “answers” she has learned that they don’t always come easy- if ever and Natasha is very eager to explore what’s to come next. With a penchant for adventure and a heart full of wonder, this kid plans sticking with her “Lost Boys” forever and never having to grow up in Neverland. Try and keep up- if you can!

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Suzi Dillon

Hi, my name is Suzi Dillon.  I started out in a smallish town called Logansport, where I grew up playing sports, taking dance lessons, reading constantly, and tumbling through life with my sister Marcie and brother Eric who are two of the funniest people I know.

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My parents, Kirby and Peggy, are a huge influence on me, instilling in me good work ethics and a tree-hugging mindset, as well as a love for hiking, morel mushrooms, the Bears, Cubs, and IU Basketball.

In 2000, I graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington with a B.S. in Computer Science and later from Indiana Wesleyan with my M.B.A. While in Bloomington, I played rugby for the IU Women’s Team, helped coached the Bloomington High School Girls Rugby Team, camped/hiked/kayaked as much as possible, and rarely slept.

After graduating from IU, I moved to Indianapolis to take a job with Eli Lilly. I currently work in the Connected Care division where we create companion devices for our patient therapies. In 2001, I started coaching the North Central High School Girls Rugby Team.  Then three years ago I started the Washington Township Middle School Girls Rugby program too. It’s time consuming, but seeing the girls grow makes it worth it year after year.

When I’m not coaching, I love hiking, running, traveling, reading, writing, and salsa dancing.  I have recently started country line dancing, but mostly because I like doing things I have no clue how to do.  I write for fun and have published two novels, Loving Lily and The Silver Lihat. I’ve also started volunteering at Cats Haven, and by “volunteering” I mean hanging out and lovin’ on some darling fur balls.

Finally, and quite possibly the most fun, I am the lucky Aunt of three amazing and adorable little ones Olivia, Roxy, and Henry who have changed my whole outlook on life and never cease to be terrifically entertaining.

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Shannon Cochran

Hi! I grew up on the southside of Indianapolis, and am a proud IUPUI alumni. While in school, I was introduced to service learning and servant leadership through AmeriCorps and the Community Service Scholars program, which forever changed my life path.

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I grew up watching my parents serve at church and in the community, but experiencing community service first-hand in college is what lead me to a career in the non-profit sector. I had the amazing opportunity to be an AmeriCorps member, a team leader for America Reads, and to intern with Big Sisters. After college I worked as a youth program manager at Concord Neighborhood Center, and then in development with United Way of Central Indiana for several years. Today, I have the privilege of helping inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold through my role at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis.

My most important role in life however is that of mom to my two boys, Jerimiah and Gabriel. They continue to teach me things every day, and are the joy of my whole world. I am incredibly blessed to have a wonderful husband, Scott, who is a phenomenal cook and a great dad. I love to play outside, spend time with my family, sing really loud in my car, and travel any chance I get. So far I’ve been to 11 different countries and hope to one day have visited every continent. You can usually find me cheering at one of Gabe’s many sporting events, doing yoga at CITYOGA, laughing with my sister, or serving in the children’s ministry at Heartland church. Little known facts: my favorite TV show will forever be Sesame Street, if I could be any animal I would be a bear (who doesn’t want to sleep all winter!), and I make a killer pumpkin pie.

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Amanda Lawler

Amanda currently resides in Greenfield, IN with her husband and three sons.  She grew up on a large farm in Central Ohio where her love of farm life was cultivated. She was also an avid 4-H’er and won numerous awards with livestock.

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After receiving a degree in counseling and biblical studies from Word of Life Bible Institute, she spent the next two summers counseling youth at two faith based organizations located in Upstate NY and in Hagerstown, MD. Amanda also studied art and design at The Ohio State University and hopes to eventually incorporate her appreciation of art into an “art as therapy” program at BCF. Her current role as director of Volunteer Outreach at Brandywine Creek Farms allows her to pursue a passion of ministering to youth, connecting them to the beauty of outdoors while learning about farm life and, most of all, the joy of giving back to their community.

Life Change
Hear what our past winners are saying!
None of them knew each other, or exactly what was in store for them, but they all left with something much more than they had ever imagined possible.
“I had no idea how depleted I was prior to the women’s adventure (weekend). What started off as a weekend with strangers in the woods turned into a lifetime of beautiful, supportive friendships. Now, almost 1 year from it all, I can think, ‘wow, how lucky am I’?”
Kelsey Steuer
Ali Lemberg
“The adventure weekend was a wonderful wake up call. It was a chance to have fun, meet new people, challenge myself, and realize there is space and opportunity to be me and still be a wife and mom too. I am so thankful for the adventure, and I am thankful for how it opened my eyes to all life can be.”
“The adventure weekend came a year after I lost my infant son Hudson. I thought I was doing a good job of recovering from that loss, but over the weekend we spent disconnected from our regular lives I realized that I had spent a year existing instead of living. So, for me that weekend in the woods brought me back to life, and I’ve tried my best to keep living ever since.”


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Kelsey Steuer

Born and raised in the Hoosier State, I am a proud North Central and IU alumni. By day, you can find me at Launch Fishers or working remotely at one of the local coffee shops for Enterprise Strategies as the Community Manager- an Indy based boutique consulting firm specializing in digital transformation and enterprise social.

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By night, you usually won’t be able to find me because I am babysitting or pet sitting for what seems to be the entire greater Metropolitan area of Indianapolis. In my free time, I enjoy kickin’ it with the two of best friends- my grandmas (they are both named Judy- how cute!!!). My grandmas are my favorite travel companions, life advisors, and all around just amazing women. My younger brother Sam is the person who inspires me the most. In the Spring, I am on the Rugby field volunteering as an assistant coach for the North Central Girls Rugby team and the Washington Township Middle School Girls Rugby team. I recently began volunteering with the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention-Indiana Chapter and am looking forward to the Out of Darkness Walk this September in Indianapolis. I am a true believer in reframing bad days into “plot twists.”  I keep Land O’ Lakes in business with my love for baking, I am known for watching TedTalks when I should be working, and I have perfected the skill of blurting out ridiculous facts I find on the internet at inappropriate times.

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Candice Baggett

Candice Baggett grew up on a horse farm in Central Indiana. This instilled in her a love of nature, animals, and the outdoors. She graduated from the University of Indianapolis and from Butler University where she received degrees in music education and piano pedagogy.

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While in grad school at Butler she met her husband, Ryan Baggett, at the Circle Tower Starbucks where they worked. Together they created two amazing and confident daughters who inspire them everyday. By day, Candice works as an elementary music teacher on the west side of Indianapolis. She leads an after school choir and volunteers as a coach for Girls on the Run.  When not at school she teaches yoga, swims with a Masters Swimming team, and runs Indy Yogi with her husband. Indy Yogi is a print and online publication dedicated to educating Indiana about the benefits of yoga and a mindful lifestyle.

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Ali Lemberg

Hi! I’m Ali Lemberg. It is my joy and privilege to be a stay at home mom to my two boys, Trey (4) and Craig (2). My husband, Rick and I will have been married for 7 years in July, and we are blessed in life. Life has been a series of adventures for me. I believe in giving everything my best effort and treating others as I would like to be treated.

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God has smiled on me greatly, although at times I have questioned the plan. In 2003, I contracted Parvo Virus that led to Epstein Barr while training for my first marathon. This resulted in disability from work, daily physical therapy and occupational therapy, walking with a cane, then riding in a wheelchair, and eventually a trip to the Mayo Clinic to get back to healthy.

After 2 years of recovery, I was determined to get back to running. I decided to run the Mini Marathon in 2007 as soon as I was able. I did it, and I was super pumped!

At the same time I was getting better, a dear friend, Larry, developed lymphoma. I decided to run my first marathon in his honor and fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This was a decision that changed my life. As I trained for Larry and met fabulous people fundraising and training, I began to set bigger goals for myself. I wanted to be an Ironman. I wanted to do events that I had previously been unable to do, and I wanted to make a difference in the process. While working up to the Ironman, I did numerous marathons, century rides, and triathlons while fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

In 2015, I finished Ironman Louisville. It was not the race I had planned, it was somewhat of a trainwreck. However, I am an Ironman. I thought I would be changed by the race and the experience. The only thing that changed was the way others see me. Nothing changed in my eyes. I am still Ali Lemberg, wife to Rick, mother to Trey and Craig. I am still setting goals, and I am still trying to better myself. What I have realized is the gain is often in the efforts, not in the final result. I try to teach my boys this lesson every day. It isn’t about what others think of us. What is important is what we think of ourselves, that determines who we are.

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Michele Lorbieski Anderson

After completing law school at Georgetown in 2006, Michele spent three years in Los Angeles working at Latham & Watkins before relocating to Indianapolis in 2009. Michele’s journey back to Indiana began with a Jimmy Buffett Concert, several margaritas, and a charming Hoosier.

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Ten years laterMichele is still drinking boat drinks with Aaron, and doing her best to answer the most interesting questions from their inquisitive four year old daughter Izzy.

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