DNK Presents founded and hosts an unprecedented event each year, the Live Adventurously, Women’s Adventure Giveaway. This event is a chance for people to nominate a woman in their life to win a customized empowering backcountry adventure weekend guided by Danielle and Kate. In 2016 they produced a documentary film, “Live Adventurously”, following the women who won the giveaway.

Nominations are now held on our 501c3’s website, “Live Adventurously”, nominate here!

What is the Women’s Adventure Giveaway?

Do you know a woman who has overcame an obstacle in her life? Has experienced a health challenge, trauma or suffered loss? Do you know a woman who goes above and beyond for her family, work or community but never takes the time to give back to herself? We are looking for any and all of those women! The winners of the Women’s Adventure Giveaway get to disconnect from technology for 4 days, go into the wilderness, try new activities while being guided by some of the best, most fun guides around i.e. Danielle and Kate and other special guests as well! The 4 days is a chance for these women to rediscover their highest potential, rebuild confidence and empowerment through outdoor experiences. If you know someone who would benefit from a weekend like this nominate her for her chance to win 4 days in the wilderness as well as over $1,000.00 worth of free outdoor gear from some of our amazing sponsors.

How it works

Nominate a woman you feel could use an adventure in her life. Be sure to explain why she deserves to win, what does she do or what life experience has she encountered that would make her a good candidate to win this empowering adventure.

Nominations must describe details of why the nominee is deserving of a winning a wilderness adventure along with free outdoor gear. Consider the questions below when writing your nomination.

Why does this person deserve to win, what have they undergone most recently or in their lifetime to be in need of an outdoor excursion, has this person overcome an obstacle in her life, has she been through a catastrophic event(s), has COVID-19 impacted her life, how has she gone above and beyond in her personal or professional life, and/or why this person would not otherwise be able to or have the means to participate in a wilderness adventure?

After you nominate we (Danielle and Kate) review your nominations as well as our Selection Committee, which comprises of a diverse group of people from across the country and Canada who diligently reads through the entries and provides feedback on their selections to advance. We review the feedback and get a list of semi-finalists whom we reach out to for phone or in person interviews. After interviews are completed we review again with our Selection Committee and choose the finalists. Behold the winners are selected and announced.

Requirements for nominees:

-Must be able to carry at least 35 pounds on their back

-Can ride a bicycle (basic)

-Be willing to give up their phone/technology

-Opening to living in the woods with little to no modern amenities

-Have an adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things

-Open to video and photos taken before and during the adventure trip for documentation and use in marketing and promotional materials of the Giveaway

-Available for the adventure weekend

-Must provide transportation for themselves to and from the adventure weekend

Interested in having a Giveaway in your area? Contact us for more information.


Become a sponsor for a woman to win a life changing wilderness adventure!

The purpose of this project is to empower women through a challenging, weekend-long outdoor adventure, to expose them to new activities and increase their confidence through experiential learning. DNK Presents offers this giveaway to encourage women everywhere to go beyond. Beyond what they think they can do and what others tell them they can do when it comes to getting adventurous in the great outdoors!

At DNK Presents, we know firsthand how life-changing outdoor experiences can be for women. We have watched women overcome deep-seated fears, take on new leadership roles at work and so much more!

The winners will win an outdoor backcountry adventure weekend guided by Danielle and Kate Nolan (plus other special guests), including over $1,000.00 in free gear and swag to take on their next adventure. Check out the video to get a glimpse of what you can expect on this great adventure. Contact us at hello@dnkpresents.com if you have any questions.

Learn more about sponsorship here!

Life Change
Hear what our past winners are saying!
None of them knew each other, or exactly what was in store for them, but they all left with something much more than they had ever imagined possible.
“I had no idea how depleted I was prior to the women’s adventure (weekend). What started off as a weekend with strangers in the woods turned into a lifetime of beautiful, supportive friendships. Now, almost 1 year from it all, I can think, ‘wow, how lucky am I’?”
Kelsey Steuer
Ali Lemberg
“The adventure weekend was a wonderful wake up call. It was a chance to have fun, meet new people, challenge myself, and realize there is space and opportunity to be me and still be a wife and mom too. I am so thankful for the adventure, and I am thankful for how it opened my eyes to all life can be.”
“The adventure weekend came a year after I lost my infant son Hudson. I thought I was doing a good job of recovering from that loss, but over the weekend we spent disconnected from our regular lives I realized that I had spent a year existing instead of living. So, for me that weekend in the woods brought me back to life, and I’ve tried my best to keep living ever since.”

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